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With so many people potentially or at risk of already being Vitamin D deficient the population is facing a health crisis.

It is essential for:

  • bone health – osteoporosis / osteopenia

  • muscle health – muscle weakness

  • immunity esp against viruses

  • immunity for respiratory bacterial infections

It’s down mainly to 2 things – in the winter and the shoulder months, we simply don’t expose enough of our skin, for long enough, to make sufficient Vitamin D for our requirements. Our body manufactures its own Vitamin D! This is made worse if you have darker skin – you make it less quickly for lighter colours – which are partly protective for skin cancer.
We also don’t get enough in our DIET and therefore are MALNOURISHED, even if this seems extraordinary to say in our modern world! This is especially important for older women due the hormonal changes after menopause. It is associated with fatty foods, eg fish and offal which many do not like to eat.
1/6 adults have low Vitamin D status according to the Government, but I think it’s much worse than this as they took the stat from the lowest starting point (why would you do that – you just wildly underestimate the problem? Perhaps its to save money?)
You can partly get it with fortified foods, but supplementation is often required too.
Vitamin D is required (about 100μg a day) along with Vitamin K2 as well to help the uptake, along with calcium (esp for your bones and muscle cells) and magnesium.
Vitamin K2 comes from bacterial fermentation – foods eg cabbage like sauerkraut and kimchi – but we rarely have this type of food in our diet! We need about 600-800 microgrammes a week. (about 100μg a day)
This article isn’t meant to scare you – but to have you TAKE ACTION!! The consequences can be many and unpleasant.
Here at the clinic I stock various strengths of Vitamin D along with specific multi-vitamins which include Vit K2 and magnesium too and I can advise you further. Individuals have different needs.
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