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Gayle Palmer D.O.

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Place your healing in my hands..

With decades of experience Gayle Palmer is here to help you towards better health and vitality

Gayle Palmer D.O. has been qualified since 1991 and works with a wide variety of patients to change their lives for the better using a range of techniques and modalities.

Place YOUR healing in her hands.

Free 10 minute discovery consultation

Not sure if Gayle and her treatments are right for you and your symptoms and circumstances?

Have a short personal conversation so that both sides can assess what will work best.

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Initital or Follow-up Osteopathic Treatment

Making a half hour appointment is simple – just book in – either by phoning on clinic days or online.

Consultations and treatments are safe, effective and reassuring.

You will be kept informed of the cause and expectations / changes as time goes on.

Please wear appropriate clothes as you may be asked to dis-robe as part of the treatment so a detailed examination can be undertaken. Your modesty is preserved at all times.

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Health is NOT an accident!

Things can go wrong.. and when they do it can be hard to know what to do or who to see.

Give the gift of a consultation with Gayle Palmer and let her decide exactly what is best for them.

Place your trust and their healing in her hands.

Not sure what present to give someone – this is perfect! Who doesn’t want better health?

What treatments are available?

Osteopathy, Cranio-sacral Osteopathy, Biodynamic Osteopathy

Healing, Reiki

Hopi Ear Candling

ALL appointments are subject to a 24 hours cancellation policy. If this is NOT given the FULL FEE becomes payable (at the discretion of the therapist) immediately. This helps the smooth running of the clinic and enables others in pain to benefit.

Fees are payable at the time of EACH treatment – in cash, by cheque or debit card. Payment can also be made by Bacs (ask for details). Fees are currently £60 for the initial consultation and £55 thereafter. There are no concessions.

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Plantar Fasciitis – a pain in the foot

Plantar Fasciitis can make you really miserable - it stops you from walking or moving normally. It can take a long time to stop / solve. It is usually associated with gait changes - brought on my your shoes / foot posture, extra loading on the foot mechanics or an...

Lissie Evan BScHons Ost

It is my pleasure to introduce you to Lissie Evans D.O., my locum at the clinic whilst I am away over some of the winter. I have known Lissie for MANY years - we think at least 25! We have done some postgraduate training together a few times and she has spent some...

How do you cope with adversity?

This may not seem a very Osteopathic question - but it is very relevent to your health, well-being and longer term outcomes. So how DO you manage when things are not going your way? What are your strategies? Did you even realise that you had built up a range of...

Many of my clients, when I see them for a consultation, tell me amazing results after their Osteopathic treatments. It makes all the training worthwhile.

Sadly, it is difficult for me to either write these testimonials down at the time or record them, or video these at the time. But, if you have enjoyed the whole experience, and the results, please DO drop me an email to If you would also attach a photo I can also prove that you do exist!!

Thank you. It is always such a privilege to serve you to the best of my ability.

Gayle Palmer

Registered Osteopath

After many years I can now walk again properly. I can not thank you enough. I have told many of our friends about your skills and you may see them as well as me.

Thank you again, Sylvia.


What a fabulous lady!  It has been an absolute pleasure to work with you and you have made such a massive difference to my health and life. I can’t wait to work with you again soon.  Thank you