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This is a story of taking a new action – which results in a completely different life – with no pain! #OsteopathyWorks with Gayle Palmer!

Click below to watch the video with my client. Here her remarkable story.

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This lovely lady came in originally in September 2020 at the end of her tether – back spasms, unable to move, upset.

She was treated with Osteopathy – massage, fluid balancing and encouraging better circulation into an already very tight area – and so allow her body to relax and return to normal function.

Now in January 2021 – she is able to walk, move with ease and is pain free. Hurray!

It took just 6 treatments over four months, and now I shall check her every 2-3 months to maintain the progress and keep her pain free.

This is what Osteopathy can do.

This is how you can go from not being able to do much to having a life of freedom and choice and falling in trust with your body once more!

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