“Hi Gayle,

Thanks so much for helping me today with my golfers elbow.

I injured it several weeks ago and have had weekly physio sessions which have involved ultrasound, massage and acupuncture. It hadn’t really improved so came back to my trusty osteopath.

I feel like I have a brand new elbow! And almost instantly!! I am looking forward to starting back with tennis and personal training next week.

Thank you so much again, you are a star!

Love Mel”


Here is the content of a typical Christmas card from a client:

“To dear Gayle, with best wishes for Chirstmas and the New Year.

Have a rest and a very happy time! All your expertise and energy gives me not only a body that works, but your combined generosity of spirit and joie de vivre always leaves me smiling and walking on air!

Thank you for just being you. Lots of love, Angela.”


Having suffered with neck pain for several years, taking many trips to the GP & a round of physiotherapy, I travelled from North London to visit Gayle upon recommendation!

It was well worth the travel. One appointment with Gayle & my neck pain has been resolved. This is a massive relief and I will be recommending Living Elements Clinic to everyone.


The results of a traumatic car accident.

I had a nasty accident.

I had nerve damage and my body was in deep shock, but I didn’t really know that. I was in lots of pain everywhere.

I felt half dead.

My mind said “Give up”, but my solution was to get hold of a back specialist – my last hope.


Luckily I phoned the right person – Gayle Palmer, an Osteopath.

She was very patient with me. She helped me a lot in all sorts of ways.

It took over a month to get me living again! She sorted out lots of problems – for example – walking properly, pain relief in my arms, leg, ribs, hands and wrists.

To help with this she gave me vitamins to boost my strength.

She was in fact my Guardian Angel!

Thank you. Pat Gadsby, Bracklesham


Slipped disc in the neck.

Hi Gayle,

I just wanted you to know how thankful for the work that you have done with me. It was a shock to find I had slipped a disc in my neck and after a number of trips to the emergency Doctor and a number of pain killers I was at a dead end..

As you know the pain was very bad and I was unable to complete the most simple of jobs.

After my first visit you told me what the problem was, and how you were going to fix it. And after that first visit I felt 50% better and had my first full nights sleep. After four visits the pain was gone and I can go about my normal routine.

I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants someone to understand the problem and take the right treatment to heal it.

Again, many thanks. Ian

Walking normally again!

After many years I can now walk again properly. I can not thank you enough. I have told many of our friends about your skills and you may see them as well as me.

Thank you again, Sylvia.

Magic hands!

Gayle is the quickest, most effective and magical Osteopath that I have been to. And having lived in Australia and many places in London I have been to many Osteopaths! So it is most definatelyy a HUGE credit to Gayle.

Robyn Stuart. Pilates Instructor and contemporary dancer.

Atrial Fibrillation.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and put on medical drugs including Warfarin. But, my instinct was to visit Gayle Palmer for Cranial Osteopathy and she soon sorted me out!

I am NOT on those drugs anymore and have not had any recurrence of the AF. (This is a health probelm that people do not usually get better from!)

I have come in today for a slight shoulder problem and an “MOT” to keep everything working properly.

Thanks Gayle! Pat Jones.

A new woman!

After not needing to visit for quite some time I’m so glad I came back to see you after suffering in pain for quite a few weeks. Within one treatment I feel like a new woman. You have worked your magic hands again.

Thank you. Kelly Eames.

Healing Hands

I was amazed at your healing hands! After the first session I felt 100% human after crawling out of the car and being in agony for ages.

Many thanks – I feel fantastic! I know where to come now and have recommended you to work colleagues colleagues and family. I will bring my son in who has cerebral palsy.

Love and thanks, Jayne.


Back to work! 12th Dec 2017

Hello Gayle,

Thought I would just ping you over a quick big thank you for sorting my back out for me.   As you know I only came to see you after about day 10 of severe pain in my lower back, even brushing my teeth was agony !!  and putting my own shoes on ? Forget it !

You said I had twisted my Pelvis and popped it back straight again (you could have warned me !!!)  Anyway after the initial shock, I got off the couch and stood up straight for the first time in 10 days.  Was a bit sore for the next couple of days but I am now as right as rain, thanks to you.

I am so grateful Gayle,  and I Hope NEVER to see you again (only joking) but I suspect I will.

My Kindest Regards

Ian Paterson

“As a seamstress I spend a lot of time over my sewing machine and one visit to Gayle and she has melted away all the tension in my neck and shoulders! Thank you for saving the day again!”

Always a pleasure Florence and great to catch up on all your new developments, jobs etc. You are certainly a talented lady making all those dresses and costumes for such a variety of productions. Best of luck going forward. Gayle
Florence Dempster

I managed to see Gayle today at very short notice – and I’m so pleased I did! I’ve been feeling very stiff and sore lately, and a bit out of balance. I left feeling cared for and much more mobile!

I’d highly recommend Gayle and her lovely clinic.

Claire Byrne

I came to Gayle with my son Julius when he was 8 weeks old due to bad reflux symptoms and also after a very traumatic Caesarean section.

Since having treatment with Gayle, Julius is a different baby! Reflux symptoms have almost disappeared and he now lies comfortably on his back (which he couldn’t do before) and sleeps for longer periods. Hooray!!

I couldn’t recommend Gayle more – she is fantastic with babies and certainly knows her stuff.

Anyone with a miserable baby should see her!

Thank you Gayle, for making Julius so much more comfortable – and allowing me to sleep more – without a baby lying on my chest!


Dear Gayle

We just had our first breast feed for 1/2 hour and she went straight to sleep – good latch and sucks!!  THANK YOU!!  I am feeling like myself again.
I feel relaxed and in control and above all VERY HAPPY!!!

Physically I am mobile and energetic with reduced need for pain killers.
Mentally I feel that the emotional rollercoaster I was on has gone.
Hermione is also content between feeds and only cries for feeding and changing.  We are a very happy family now thank you for your help.

Kind Regards



Fran Richardson, Artist

Gayle Palmer talks to a very happy client Helenor Pottage who recommends Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus wholeheartedly.

Helenor, Hi – you were going to tell me a little bit more about some of the supplements that you have been taking… so over to you Helenor.

Well, you know, since I started taking the Salmon Oil I am much better!! -The migraines and headaches have all gone!

Fantastic!! How often were you getting them?

Some weeks every day, then I’d have some weeks with none and then I’d start again.

That’s a huge improvement! Good. Obviously I have been treating you on and off for 11 years to keep everything manageable..

Yes! You have, and very well, (Gayle) but this is now 100%!!!


Have you noticed any other changes?

Yeah, I have actually. My big toes were getting stiff and achy with some sort of rheumatism or something. I don’t know. Now they are not half as bad!


I generally feel better – my skin is better. Er, I have my moments when I fall out of bed in the morning and I’m very stiff, but I think that vthat is something that all women my age are starting to feel.

I definately wouldn’t stop taking them! Great! Definately worth it! I wouldn’t stop taking them!

And are they worth it? – they are more expensive than some other fish oils?

THEY ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY! If people are worried about the price they’ve not given themselves long enough to discover what the benefits are long term.

They should try it.

I’m delighted , its fantastic to see it all turn round so well for you. Thank you Helenor.

Thank you very much, Gayle”


“Do you know Gayle I am feeling SOOOOOoo much better! I have been ill with flu-like symptoms, and haven’t had much sleep because of my cough, but I FEEL SOOO different!

I was very tired but I suddenly feel as though I can now BE instead of survive.

I am still in some pain with my back, I have been since I was 19 years old when I had that car accident and I am now 50+, but I am in LESS PAIN,


I now rarely take painkillers, except perhaps at night. This has been a BIG improvement.

My body feels alive, fluid – as though I have some juices now and they are actually working!

Thank you so much for recommending Salmon Oil Plus by GNLD to me!

Client in Selsey

Feb 2011

I wouldn’t see anyone else!

I have been to 2 physiotherapists, 1 chiropractor & an osteopath (for low back pain and leg pain) who did little or nothing for me, none of the them diagnosed the problem.

Then a friend of mine told me to go and see Gayle.

On the very first visit she had diagnosed the problem and put my back, “back into place”. I am now on the road to recovery after 3 months of pain, needless to say I won’t be going anywhere else in the future!

Cid Warden

Over the years I’ve seen Gayle a number of times, sometimes for a specific issue, others for an MOT.

I recently visited Gayle again as I was having a number of aches and pains in my back, shoulder, knees and hips. I thought it was finally the ravages of time catching up with me and the fact that I still wanted to play tennis like I was 35 years younger; latterly I had taken to wearing support bandages on my two knees and one elbow so something had to be done.

So within a minute Gayle had diagnosed a twisted pelvis and over the course of two 30 minute sessions set about putting things right.

Now here I am less than two weeks after the second session and I’ve just come back from my first post-treatment run. I am extremely happy to report no recurrence of any injury, ache or pain, all is well. I have also played tennis, albeit rather tentatively at first, and all is well there too.

I would never have believed that one injury could create so many inter-connected problems.

So very many thanks to Gayle and I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to prolong their active life and pretend they are still 23! As Gayle advises, I will now ease up but it’s so good being able to exercise pain-free again.

P Rollison

I first went to see Gayle in March 2011.

I was fed up and frustrated as I knew there was something wrong with my stomach but the Doctors made me think it was all in my head. They did tests for food allergies but nothing ever came of it. I was feeling tired all the time (I’d be in bed by 7pm), my stomach was bloated and painful. And when I ate certain foods I could be doubled up in pain.

I was looking for someone who could help and I came across Gayle’s website. www.livingelements.co.uk

On our first meeting she told me what was wrong. Since then I have never looked back. It was hard at first as part of the treatment meant I had to change the way I thought about food and learn to cook! I am now so much healthier and happier, I feel like a normal Healthy Happy person.

Thank you Gayle x


Thank you for your kindness and help with baby Dantey. He is such a happy boy now!  :-)

My son was suffering from terrible “colic” and was very distressed, many visits to the Doctors didn’t help as (I) was told to persever(e) but after researching into Osteopathy I decided to take Dantey to see Gayle at Living Elements Clinic. And, I can honestly say it was amazing and has literally cured baby Dantey and he now only wakes once rather than muliple times and is always smiling now!

I can’t thank you Gayle enough and would highly recommend this treatment to anyone else who has a baby in distress.

from Georgia Maidment


Birdham, Chichester

December 2011


Just wanted to say Thank you very much for seeing me so promptly and fixing my back in only one session. I`m delighted!

A very Happy Christmas to you, and many, many thanks again.

Judy Stringer, Havant


I first met Gayle at a presentation she gave on Osteopathy and my thoughts after leaving the building were ‘this lady definitely knows her stuff’ and “I want a treatment to have my own experience of her work”.

It was a little later that I went for my 1st treatment with her and left feeling so much easier in the body. The joints felt more open and the body softer.   In 1998 my 2nd grandchild was born and for a few weeks was a very unhappy baby, in that she cried constantly.  The only relief she/mum and dad got was when Aspen was held ‘draped’ over our arms, in front of the body and gently rocked.  My son took her for a treatment with Gayle and they brought home a different baby.  She was content, feeding and so peaceful – a miracle.


From that time till today I see Gayle regularly, my son also and the rest of my family/ grandchildren have cranial-osteopathy with an osteopath near where they live.
I regularly recommend Gayle knowing that she and her work has integrity and that the results are felt and seen often immediately. I have had treatments for back problems, shoulders pain and migraines all of which have cleared from one maybe two treatments.
Osteopathy is invaluable.

I would love to see it as part of the care given to all new-born babies either in hospital or after a home-birth. There is no doubt that birth as well as being beautiful is a traumatic time for a baby. I feel certain with osteopathy being available post birth there would be lot less distressed babies.
Keep up the wonderful work Gayle, we / the planet need you!!

Teresa, Bognor

February 2011


“I have suffered with arthritis for many years and have also had a hip replacement, back surgery and, latterly, the onset of Parkinsons disease and a dropped foot. Massage and Osteopathy has provided me with such caring, beneficial massage enabling me to relax and ease some of the pain associated with these conditions.”


“My son Toby started crying for long periods at about 3 weeks old. His stomach was very hard and he was obviously in pain. The crying would get worse and continue for several hours, until he did a poo.

My husband phoned Gayle as she had been very helpful with our first son Thomas who had had a problem with his neck. After 2 sessions with Gayle, Toby was like a different baby. He was much calmer and content. I would definitely recommend Gayle..”

Gayle was recommended to me from a friend, as she said she maybe able to help with my daughters sleep problems.

My daughter is 3 1/2 and has always had sleep problems since birth, but for the last year it had got increasing worse with her waking every 3 hours during the night, and she would spend at least 2 hours awake during the night desperately trying to get herself back to sleep.

Gayle felt my daughters head and spine, and one of her cranial plates was not in the right place, this had been caused by a long second stage labour.

The treatment my daughter received was very gentle and very relaxing for her, and she required 5 sessions, and after the second session I could see an improvement. My daughter now rarely wakes up during the night, and if she does she is able to get herself back to sleep within a couple of minutes. Gayle also detected that her intestine was slightly twisted (my daughter has constantly suffered from constipation) and Gayle has treated that and the problem has not re-occurred.

The results have been fantastic and it has changed our life as a family as well as my daughters. I would happily recommend and have recommended Gayle’s treatments.”

Dear Gayle

I am writing to let you know how my cat Molly’s health has greatly improved following the three sessions of cranial osteopathy she has recently had with you.

When Molly first came to see you she had chronic nasal congestion which was affecting her breathing and general health; her coat was out of condition, she had runny eyes, was depressed and lethargic. For the last 18 months she has been visiting the vet for regular antibiotic injections to control secondary infection following a procedure to remove the mucus build up and to investigate the cause of the problem, which was inconclusive.

After the first treatment session with you her sinuses started to unblock, finally releasing the congestion. Her breathing is now back to normal and she is a much happier cat.

Thank you for using your magic fingers to make a real difference to her health and quality of life.

Yours sincerely
Mrs F Richardson


Fran and Miss Molly

“I can’t believe what a difference has been made after only 3 osteopathic treatments! In the past I have seen not only chiropractors but also specialists about my bad back, neck and shoulder pains, my spine clicked a lot and I had frequent headaches. I had been having a chiropractic treatment once or twice a week for about 2 years! Plus it was costing a fortune!

I came along to see Gayle Palmer on the recommendation of a friend. In the first treatment she was the first person to find that I had a short leg!

I couldn’t believe how much better it felt and how comfortable it felt afterwards (I was used to feeling very sore following a chiropractic treatment). During next treatment more attention was paid to the neck and shoulders and since then I have had – no aches, no pains and no headaches. I feel more rested and sleep better too.”

C Wakeham 34y young

Mrs Wakeham

12th September 2009

Dear Gayle,

I just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping Thomas. He is SO much happier, it really is amazing – I never thought it would be possible to have a baby who slept through the night at six weeks!

Many, many thanks,

Gabby and Neil

A gentle manner as well as a gentle touch – I suffer badly with sciatica and other general back pain but this all practically melts away under the knowledgeable hands of Gayle!

My mum-in-law has been a patient of hers for a long while now and I’m so glad she introduced me to Living Elements. Absolutely wonderful!

Brannon Masters

Injured my back at work. Went to see Gayle and after an amazing session I feel great and my back is a lot better.
Highly recommended clinic

Dan Bulic

My daughter has had bad shoulders and neck and after just one visit with Gayle she can move freely for the first time in 18 months. Highly recommend.

Julie Field

Found Gayle when friends gifted me a wonderful Mother & Baby post birth voucher. I fully credit here for my son being a dream baby in all ways. She definitely helped his sleep routine & improved his ability to feed.
9 years later & Gayle is my go to with any niggle or pain.
In a nut shell the lady has magic hands!


I’ve been going to Gayle for a few years now. Always feel relaxed and know she will put me back together again. Always friendly and brilliant at her work. Blessed

Sharon Green

OMG!!! It worked! 😊 The pain went with a big click and I didn’t even feel it. It was cool! Thank you. Anyone who has felt so uncomfortable for such a long time ne and doesn’t understand how back’s work, should just put your trust in something you may not know anything about.

I recommend seeing Gayle Palmer at the Living Elements Clinic.


Gayle is just amazing, always fixes what I have managed to make wonky. I have been seeing her for years and really wouldn’t go anywhere else.

I highly recommend that you see Gayle first, her knowledge is completely comprehensive and her results speak for themselves.

Mandy Coles

After just one visit my neck movement has improved 100%! Headaches almost gone overnight! Thank you. Highly recommend.

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Gayle always provides a fabulous individualised and professional service.


Gayle has been sorting out my body (particularly my problematic lower back) for quite a few years now. She is amazing with her treatments and I have great faith in her knowledge and professionalism.

Judy Meeke

Usually have a very tight lumbar and shoulders due to my life style and Gayle manages to help relieve this!

Highly recommend.

Carl Hadaway

After suffering with back issues for years and having tried different physios and chiropractors without any long term success,  Gayle was recommended to me by a friend.
She said that ‘ if anyone can sort you out, Gayle will be the person’.
To be honest, I wasn’t sure of what to expect. I spoke to Gayle on the phone and booked myself in. During our first meeting Gayle listened carefully to my ‘catalogue’ of back issues and set to work. One thing I will say about Gayle is that she is very honest and she said that this wasn’t going to be a quick fix.
I can honestly say that since that first meeting, Gayle has changed my day to day life. I had forgotten what ‘pain free’ felt like and have welcomed it back with open arms. In addition, not only has Gayle helped my back, but other aspects of my health too. She recommended specific supplements which have worked wonders for my joints.
Both my husband and daughter have also been to see Gayle.  I now see Gayle for ‘maintenance’.  If you’ve never tied Osteopathy before then I highly recommend Gayle as you won’t be disappointed.
Louise vdB
Louise vd B