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Normally, Gayle's Osteopathic surgery is open Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays only. 8am-7pm.
If I am not in...leave a message on the ansaphone. Thanks. I WILL call back as long as the number is clearly spoken. - 01243 641665.
You can collect any supplements you need at these times or order in person (by phone) or online and they will be sent to you. Thank you.
Please note fees are £55 for a new patient, £50 for continuing treatments. There are no concessions. Payment by cash, cheque or Debit card ONLY.


Many of my clients, when I see them for a consultation, tell me amazing results after their Osteopathic treatments.

Sadly it is difficult for me either write these testimonials down at the time or record them, or video these. But, if you have enjoyed the experience and the results, please DO drop me an email. info@livingelements.co.uk If you would also attach a photo I can also prove that you do exist!!

Thank you. It is always such a privilege to serve you to the best of my ability.

Gayle Palmer

Registered Osteopath


"Hi Gayle,

Thanks so much for helping me today with my golfers elbow.

I injured it several weeks ago and have had weekly physio sessions which have involved ultrasound, massage and acupuncture. It hadn't really improved so came back to my trusty osteopath.

I feel like I have a brand new elbow! And almost instantly!! I am looking forward to starting back with tennis and personal training next week.

Thank you so much again, you are a star!

Love Mel"

Here is the content of a typical Christmas card from a client:

"To dear Gayle, with best wishes for Chirstmas and the New Year.

Have a rest and a very happy time! All your expertise and energy gives me not only a body that works, but your combined generosity of spirit and joie de vivre always leaves me smiling and walking on air!

Thank you for just being you. Lots of love, Angela."

The results of a traumatic car accident.

I had a nasty accident.

I had nerve damage and my body was in deep shock, but I didn't really know that. I was in lots of pain everywhere.

I felt half dead.

My mind said "Give up", but my solution was to get hold of a back specialist - my last hope.


Luckily I phoned the right person - Gayle Palmer, an Osteopath.

She was very patient with me. She helped me a lot in all sorts of ways.

It took over a month to get me living again! She sorted out lots of problems - for example - walking properly, pain relief in my arms, leg, ribs, hands and wrists.

To help with this she gave me vitamins to boost my strength.

She was in fact my Guardian Angel!

Thank you. Pat Gadsby, Bracklesham

Slipped disc in the neck.

Hi Gayle,

I just wanted you to know how thankful for the work that you have done with me. It was a shock to find I had slipped a disc in my neck and after a number of trips to the emergency Doctor and a number of pain killers I was at a dead end..

As you know the pain was very bad and I was unable to complete the most simple of jobs.

After my first visit you told me what the problem was, and how you were going to fix it. And after that first visit I felt 50% better and had my first full nights sleep. After four visits the pain was gone and I can go about my normal routine.

I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants someone to understand the problem and take the right treatment to heal it.

Again, many thanks. Ian

Walking normally again!

After many years I can now walk again properly. I can not thank you enough. I have told many of our friends about your skills and you may see them as well as me.

Thank you again, Sylvia.

Magic hands!

Gayle is the quickest, most effective and magical Osteopath that I have been to. And having lived in Australia and many places in London I have been to many Osteopaths! So it is most definatelyy a HUGE credit to Gayle.

Robyn Stuart. Pilates Instructor and contemporary dancer.


Atrial Fibrillation.

A couple of years ago I was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and put on medical drugs including Warfarin. But, my instinct was to visit Gayle Palmer for Cranial Osteopathy and she soon sorted me out!

I am NOT on those drugs anymore and have not had any recurrence of the AF. (This is a health probelm that people do not usually get better from!)

I have come in today for a slight shoulder problem and an "MOT" to keep everything working properly.

Thanks Gayle! Pat Jones.

A new woman!

After not needing to visit for quite some time I'm so glad I came back to see you after suffering in pain for quite a few weeks. Within one treatment I feel like a new woman. You have worked your magic hands again.

Thank you. Kelly Eames.

Healing Hands

I was amazed at your healing hands! After the first session I felt 100% human after crawling out of the car and being in agony for ages.

Many thanks - I feel fantastic! I know where to come now and have recommended you to work colleagues colleagues and family. I will bring my son in who has cerebral palsy.

Love and thanks, Jayne.

Back to work! 12th Dec 2017

Hello Gayle,

Thought I would just ping you over a quick big thank you

for sorting my back out for me.   As you know I only came

to see you after about day 10 of severe pain in my lower back,

even brushing my teeth was agony !!  and putting my own shoes

on ? forget it !

You said I had twisted my Pelvis and popped it back straight

again (you could have warned me !!!)  Anyway after the initial

shock, I got off the couch and stood up straight for the first time

in 10 days.  Was a bit sore for the next couple of days but I am

now as right as rain, thanks to you.

I am so grateful Gayle,  and I Hope NEVER to see you again (only joking)

but I suspect I will.

My Kindest Regards

Ian Paterson

Relaxed baby now and I can get some sleep too!

Posted: 18 August 2017 Author: Gayle

th August 2017 I came to Gayle with my son Julius when he was 8 weeks old due to bad reflux symptoms and also after a very traumatic Caesarean section. Since having treatment with Gayle, Julius is a different baby! Reflux... Continue Reading »

Salmon Oil - I definately wouldn't stop taking them!

Posted: 14 April 2013 Author: Gayle

Gayle Palmer talks to a very happy client Helenor Pottage who recommends Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus wholeheartedly. Helenor, Hi - you were going to tell me a little bit more about some of the supplements that you have been taking... so over to you Helenor. Well, you... Continue Reading »

Salmon Oil Does it for me!

Posted: 14 April 2013 Author: Gayle

"Do you know Gayle I am feeling SOOOOOoo much better! I have been ill with flu-like symptoms, and haven't had much sleep because of my cough, but I FEEL SOOO different! I am very tired but I suddenly feel as though I can now BE instead of survive. I am still... Continue Reading »

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