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Here are some simple questions to ask:

  1. Do you do what I request of you?
  2. Do you read your follow up email from your first appointment?
  3. Do you keep to your scheduled appointments or get 85% better and then think – “Nah! I am OK now” and cancel the last one or two?
  4. Do you do any exercises that I prescribe religiously?
  5. Do you practice your breathing exercises, or mindfulness or self care each day?

Yes or no??!

I am genuinely ON YOUR SIDE, all the time, – even when you may not be! I want what is best for you.

⚜ Who else is guilty of playing the role of the naughty patient? 👀
⚜ I know, I’ve done it in the past, (ask me about my ankles 😬) but taking good care of your injuries / self is SO important to regain function and mobility in the long term!
⚜ I will never tell you off for not following my advice – it’s your choice and we are adults. So if you didn’t do it then be honest because it helps me create a better treatment plan. I will always try to create home management plans that fit with your time/lifestyle to make it super easy to accomplish! 🤩
⚜ The fact is – I can only get you to a certain point in your recovery if you aren’t willing to help me help you. It’s team work. I treat you and give you all the tools for improvement but it’s up to you to do the rest.
Hands up – who didn’t do the exercises / drink more water / rest / take time for your own recovery time etc etc??
My treatment plans don’t start and end at the clinic door 😉 The alternative is you end up seeing me for much longer than you should need to… I’m a gem, I know, but wouldn’t you rather not be paying me every week? 😅

Are you willing to re-commit to our agreement that we created in the treatment room? If so – things will go much better!

I have 35+ years of experience treating patients. Not much phases me anymore. I work holistically – for your benefit.

What I do WORKS! Trust me – I am your osteopath and I have the knowledge and experience to back up what I request of you.

Let’s work together for the outcome that we both want…

To make your next appointment or your regular 6 month or annual checkup etc use the booking link. It’s easy and secure.

Your health IS my priority!

© Gayle Palmer / Living Elements Clinic 2022

PS To err / forget is human – to keep doing this is just stupidity! We plan the work – so you can work the plan.  😉

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