There are 4 core Principles of Osteopathy – one of which is that the Rule of the Artery is Supreme.

In this video we discuss how and why having a good circulation is such an important element to gaining and maintaining great health – from wherever on the spectrum you start from.

The Rule of the Artery is Supreme!This is one of the guiding Principles behind Osteopathy. Find out more why this is and how we can use this to our advantage to heal.#OsteopathyWorks #TrustyourOsteo #bookdirect

Posted by Living Elements Clinic on Wednesday, 27 November 2019

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Transcript of the video for you:

    By Gayle Palmer and Lizzie Evans
    Gayle: Hi, This is Gayle Palmer from the Living Elements Clinic, osteopath and this is Lizzie Evans, who is
    my associate and is looking after the clinic for me at the moment.
    Lizzie: Yes, and Hello from me.
    Gayle: So, today, we are discussing the principles of osteopathy and one of the principles is the “Rule of
    the artery is supreme“! What does that mean? Lizzie?
    Gayle: First of all, it was defined by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still D.O., who developed and created osteopathy back
    in the late 1800s. So, it is a somewhat old fashioned expression, “the rule of the artery is supreme”. But
    for osteopaths, it is crucial because of the changes in circulation that we can make peripherally, centrally
    around the heart, etc. Because, without those working, everything else does not get the food and
    Lizzie: Yes. The nutrition and hydration is very important. But when things are not working properly and
    you have got some inflammation going on, what you want is for the arteries and veins to be working as
    well as they can. So, you get good drainage away from a swollen grumbling area and the biochemical
    substances in the body that cause pain and irritate the pain receptors, if we get those substances
    drained, being cleansed with your liver and everything like that, everything will improve and that is a very
    important thing. So, really the artery is supreme almost becomes “drainage, drainage, drainage” because
    it is really important to drain inflamed areas.
    And then sometimes, we talked to you about contrast bathing or icing areas, and if you iced areas for over 20 minutes, you will bring into play, a deep primitive reflex that opens up the veins and the arteries at quite a deep level in the body structures. So, you get before drainage after icing. So, when we think, I do not want to ice for 20 minutes, it could far too cold, it is not really a bad thing. And it can numb those pain receptors; se6le the hunter reflex so you get before
    drainage. So, this is why we give you this hints and tips and they will really come and useful.

© Gayle Palmer 2019

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