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DVT and Osteopathy

Posted: 11 July 2018 Author: Gayle

DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis relates to a clot in a vein in the leg. It is a potentially fatal problem which can lead to a lung clot or heart attack. Signs... Continue Reading »

Good Death vs Good Life...??!

Posted: 18 May 2018 Author: Gayle

It is mid May 2018 and it is Good Death Week! It may be a challenging topic, but it is a very important one. Being mortal is as much a state of mind as it is of being and living right now! Discussing the topic should help you to put things... Continue Reading »

Osteopathic FAQ's

Posted: 19 April 2018 Author: Gayle

Not sure what Osteopathy is or how it works? Hopefully this post will help answer those questions. What is Osteopathy? Osteopathy is a system of diagnosis and treatment that has been succesfully used for over 100 years. Osteopaths primarily use their hands to diagnose and treat whilst incorporating their knowledge to maof the... Continue Reading »

World Osteopathy Week

Posted: 13 April 2018 Author: Gayle

It is World Osteopathic Healthcare Week - 15th to 21st April 2018. This is great time to find out more about the breadth and scope of this unique therapy and the science behind it. This is a great time to call your local Osteopath - Gayle Palmer D.O. for a... Continue Reading »

Dig with better technique to save your back!

Posted: 4 April 2018 Author: Gayle

This is a timely article as spring and autumn as one of the main gardening tasks is digging. Be that putting in new plants or trees or digging over veg or flower beds. Did you realise that the back and leg aches from digging can be reduced or stopped by... Continue Reading »

Snow and ice and skiing thoughts...

Posted: 14 February 2018 Author: Gayle

As some of you may know I was fortunate enough to go skiing last week (2012) with a girl friend who was a complete beginner. It was great fun. We had fabulous snow conditions and as the week progressed made good progress at ski school too. I thought I would... Continue Reading »

Great Guidelines for Later Life

Posted: 26 January 2018 Author: Gayle

One of the advantages for being in practice for over 25 years and taking an interest in people, the "human condition" and what has people succeed in life and those who may not reach their full potential is observing how I can make an impact. How to make a... Continue Reading »

Are you using your phone to YOUR advantage?!

Posted: 24 January 2018 Author: Gayle

So I don't normally recommend using a mobile phone, although we almost all have them! But, some Apps CAN be useful and help your health... How about getting one of the free Pedometer Apps? What is a Pedometer? They measure how many steps you do each day and also how far... Continue Reading »

Tips to help prevent or reduce the risk of breast cancer

Posted: 17 January 2018 Author: Gayle

We can all take some actions to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer - for both women AND men. Many are easy to put into action and feel proactive too. GENERAL ADVICE: Limit the consumption of alcohol to just one unit per day Optimise your body weight and take regular exercise... Continue Reading »

Top Tips for coping with Snowy weather!

Posted: 3 January 2018 Author: Gayle

For many of you the novelty of the last few days snow is probably getting to be a hassle, ...and there's far more coming we are told! If, like me, you have been busy clearing driveways etc there are actually ONLY so many snowmen, headless or... Continue Reading »

Gratitude for health

Posted: 3 January 2018 Author: Gayle

I have said many times before that "Health and LIFE is NOT an accident"! BUT taking it for granted (which we so often do) also does not work on many levels! Taking things for granted leaves you: Powerless Irresponsible Frustrated Missing out on the little, free things of life Irritable Having a feeling of something missing all the... Continue Reading »

Osteopathy helps on the inside

Posted: 11 October 2017 Author: Gayle

Whilst gels and sprays may help for a while on the outside of your body - Osteopathy helps on the inside and the difference lasts much longer! I hear it from my patients all the time - "I thought it would (just) go away!" I know... nice thought! How long did you... Continue Reading »

Breast Cancer Awareness - YOURS!

Posted: 10 October 2017 Author: Gayle

I have been asked multiple times to put a ❤ on my facebook wall to raise awareness for breast cancer. I'm sorry, but that does very little to raise actual practical awareness. Anyway, aren't we ALL already aware of breast cancer?? (NO!!!!) It's the HOW that stumps people! I'd... Continue Reading »

Vegan bedding options - mattresses and bedding

Posted: 30 August 2017 Author: Gayle

If you are vegan and want to stay true to your conscience with regards to your bed and bedding. Afterall - you are in bed for about one third of the day... the options can be quite limited. For it to be vegan if needs... Continue Reading »

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