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Great Guidelines for Later Life

Posted: 26 January 2018 Author: Gayle

One of the advantages for being in practice for over 25 years and taking an interest in people, the "human condition" and what has people succeed in life and those who may not reach their full potential is observing how I can make an impact. How to make a... Continue Reading »

Are you using your phone to YOUR advantage?!

Posted: 24 January 2018 Author: Gayle

So I don't normally recommend using a mobile phone, although we almost all have them! But, some Apps CAN be useful and help your health... How about getting one of the free Pedometer Apps? What is a Pedometer? They measure how many steps you do each day and also how far... Continue Reading »

Tips to help prevent or reduce the risk of breast cancer

Posted: 17 January 2018 Author: Gayle

We can all take some actions to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer - for both women AND men. Many are easy to put into action and feel proactive too. GENERAL ADVICE: Limit the consumption of alcohol to just one unit per day Optimise your body weight and take regular exercise... Continue Reading »

Gratitude for health

Posted: 3 January 2018 Author: Gayle

I have said many times before that "Health and LIFE is NOT an accident"! BUT taking it for granted (which we so often do) also does not work on many levels! Taking things for granted leaves you: Powerless Irresponsible Frustrated Missing out on the little, free things of life Irritable Having a feeling of something missing all the... Continue Reading »

Osteopathy helps on the inside

Posted: 11 October 2017 Author: Gayle

Whilst gels and sprays may help for a while on the outside of your body - Osteopathy helps on the inside and the difference lasts much longer! I hear it from my patients all the time - "I thought it would (just) go away!" I know... nice thought! How long did you... Continue Reading »

Breast Cancer Awareness - YOURS!

Posted: 10 October 2017 Author: Gayle

I have been asked multiple times to put a ❤ on my facebook wall to raise awareness for breast cancer. I'm sorry, but that does very little to raise actual practical awareness. Anyway, aren't we ALL already aware of breast cancer?? (NO!!!!) It's the HOW that stumps people! I'd... Continue Reading »

Vegan bedding options - mattresses and bedding

Posted: 30 August 2017 Author: Gayle

If you are vegan and want to stay true to your conscience with regards to your bed and bedding. Afterall - you are in bed for about one third of the day... the options can be quite limited. For it to be vegan if needs... Continue Reading »

National Back Pain Week - what's it all about?

Posted: 26 August 2017 Author: Gayle

Back pain is common, but not necessarily normal - which is a common mis-use of words! There are many reasons for back pain - from a simple strain or muscle tiredness to bruising to nerve getting trapped causing localised pain and discomfort. Osteopathy is a fantastic tool and medical... Continue Reading »

How to manage when the weather gets really hot!

Posted: 21 June 2017 Author: Gayle

Overheating isn't just a pets phenomenon but we get exceptionally warm weather so infrequently, and usually only for a few days, that everyone seems to forget how to cope with the heat! Here are lots of top tips that make a difference. Firstly, getting prepared makes all the difference!... Continue Reading »

Bumps and bruises

Posted: 7 December 2016 Author: Gayle

Holiday times tend to increase the number of small accidents people have as you are often in unfamilar places; tending to small grandchildren etc. Its is part of life... but you can still do some simple things to help yourself to recover more quickly from bumps and bruises (even... Continue Reading »

Beta-blockers don't work to stop heart attacks or lower BP

Posted: 6 December 2016 Author: Gayle

Beta-blocking drugs have been given to heart patients for more than 40 years - but scientists have only recently discovered that they have almost no heart-protective effects!These drugs are routinely given to people who have heart attacks or with coronary artery disease. But, researchers have found that those... Continue Reading »

Choosing your bed – osteopathic advice

Posted: 27 September 2016 Author: Gayle

Top Tips for choosing your bed: Mattresses need to be turned regularly – between every 6 weeks to 3 months. Get someone to help you turn them over, especially the heavier ones!If you live on your own your may... Continue Reading »

Vitamin E's superstar cousin!

Posted: 26 September 2016 Author: Gayle

More Good News - NeoLife Nutritionals are ahead again Researchers are talking about Vitamin E's "Superstar Cousin" which lowers total cholesterol by 15%, lowers "bad" LDL 15%, raises "good"... Continue Reading »

Accidents can happen "just like that" - are you prepared?

Posted: 8 May 2016 Author: Gayle

Have you considered just how fleeting life can be?... Let me explain. As many of you know I sail a boat, regularly, well race actually! I go out usually with crew and its fabulous. But, yesterday, whilst my crew and I were transferring from one boat to mine she caught... Continue Reading »

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