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Normally, Gayle's Osteopathic surgery is open Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays only. 8am-7pm.
If I am not in...leave a message on the ansaphone. Thanks. I WILL call back as long as the number is clearly spoken. - 01243 641665.
You can collect any supplements you need at these times or order in person (by phone) or online and they will be sent to you. Thank you.
Please note fees are £55 for a new patient, £50 for continuing treatments. There are no concessions. Payment by cash, cheque or Debit card ONLY.

Stay active when you retire. Avoid malnourishment!

Posted: 8 January 2016 Author: Gayle

Did you know - The average retiree has 3 holidays a year and is fitter than when they were working. For many this is also what you planned for, for all those years, recent research has found. More than half of this population were more active than when 20 years... Continue Reading »

Diet soda drinks are really disease-makers in disguise!

Posted: 26 November 2015 Author: Gayle

SWEET POISON..A MUST READ !!! The following is a story of horror - but which many may be dealing with daily but with no knowledge of what is going on and why. "In October of 2001, my sister started getting very sick She had stomach spasms and she was having a... Continue Reading »

Top Tips for coping with Snowy weather!

Posted: 3 January 2015 Author: Gayle

For many of you the novelty of the last few days snow is probably getting to be a hassle, ...and there's far more coming we are told! If, like me, you have been busy clearing driveways etc there are actually ONLY so many snowmen, headless or... Continue Reading »

The value of regular Osteopathic "MOT's"

Posted: 25 September 2014 Author: Gayle

                     Gayle Palmer D.O.     Registered Osteopath. Established since 1991 "Place your health and healing in my hands"   How can I benefit from having a regular Osteopathic "MOT"? Your body strives to allow you to do what your... Continue Reading »

Car Accidents or "RTA's" - Osteopathic help!

Posted: 9 January 2014 Author: Gayle

Car Accidents or "RTA's" are common.. ..but you don't have to put up with being fobbed off by medics etc who don't know what to do or how to help! That's where Gayle Palmer - your Osteopath - comes to your aid! Don’t be misled by the minimal damage to your... Continue Reading »

Allergies - how to help..

Posted: 9 January 2014 Author: Gayle

Allergies - Osteopathy doesn’t treat allergies. So, why do so many people with allergies mention that they see improvement by receiving care in the practice? It’s Not just the Pollen! There are many signs of an allergic reaction that will be familiar to you. Continue Reading »

ADHD - Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Posted: 9 January 2014 Author: Gayle

ADHD - We do not treat Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. For some reason, ADHD seems to afflict boys more often than girls. However, since ADHD appears as a neurological disorder and osteopathic care attempts to reduce nervous system disturbances, many parents who want a natural, non-drug solution for their child have... Continue Reading »

Signs and Symptoms of Dehydration

Posted: 14 April 2013 Author: Gayle

Low back ache, frequent kidney infections, dark urine, headaches, sports injuries, constipation, tiredness, adrenal fatique, poor sleep patterns and much more can be due to you not actually drinking enough pure water. Why do we hear so much about water? Well basically our bodies and cells are made up... Continue Reading »

Beta-Carotene to cut dementia

Posted: 14 April 2013 Author: Gayle

A new study has revealed that taking supplements of beta-carotene, the pigment found in carrots, tomatoes, and broccoli, and which makes carrots orange, may cut the risk of dementia and help you remember words and conversations better. The study, published in the Archives of Internal... Continue Reading »

Beat the Noro-Virus - a nasty vomiting bug

Posted: 29 December 2012 Author: Gayle

The norovirus winter vomiting bug has hit early this year with over 700,000 people infectedin the UK. That’s a 64% increase in reported cases compared to December 2011. This highly contagious virus causes nasty symptoms such as projectile vomiting, explosive diarrhoea, high temperature, headaches and stomach cramps leaving... Continue Reading »

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