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Normally, Gayle's Osteopathic surgery is open Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays only. 8am-7pm.
If I am not in...leave a message on the ansaphone. Thanks. I WILL call back as long as the number is clearly spoken. - 01243 641665.
You can collect any supplements you need at these times or order in person (by phone) or online and they will be sent to you. Thank you.
Please note fees are £55 for a new patient, £50 for continuing treatments. There are no concessions. Payment by cash, cheque or Debit card ONLY at the time of your visit please.

Breast Cancer, Sweat and Deodorants

Posted: 26 October 2011 Author: Gayle

Sweating is a natural process. It has several purposes that are beneficial. Sweat contains sodium chloride (Common salt) and urea and as such is used as a way of excreting waste nitrogenous matter through the sweat glands. It also acts as a blood coolant. As the sweat evaporates, it... Continue Reading »

Keeping healthy - inside and out

Posted: 26 October 2011 Author: Gayle

Did you know that one of the main reasons that you get ill is not because you have “caught a bug” but that your immune system has stopped working as it should? As a result your body has the right conditions for the “bug” and its effects to “come to... Continue Reading »

Glucosamine and Chondroitin - the controversy

Posted: 26 October 2011 Author: Gayle

Glucosamine and chondroitin newsflash  17th Sept 2010 It’s hot news today that these supplements do not work with pain relief for hip or knee osteoarthritis according to the Glucosamine/chondroitin Arthritis Intervention Trial (GAIT). But this headline is slightly missing the point! Let me explain as I know it causes a lot... Continue Reading »

Protecting young spines and posture with Osteopathy

Posted: 14 April 2011 Author: Gayle

PROTECTING YOUNG BACKS and POSTURE Falls & spills, carrying work books around school, the habitual copying of parents posture – growing more quickly than the average compared to their peers and being embarrassed – all of these cause children to radically alter/modify their posture and this... Continue Reading »

Understanding Sleep and how Osteopathy has a role to play.

Posted: 14 April 2011 Author: Gayle

Recent research has shown that tired children do not cope well with life. While there may be no surprise there, what may come as a surprise is the number of children affected. Prof Gregory Stores, head of research into child sleep disorders at Oxford University, has... Continue Reading »

Osteopathy ..for a snuffly cat...

Posted: 14 April 2010 Author: Gayle

West Wittering Chichester 5 February 2009 Dear Gayle I am writing to let you know how my cat Molly's health has greatly improved following the three sessions of cranial osteopathy she has recently had with you. When Molly first came to see you she had chronic nasal congestion which was affecting her breathing... Continue Reading »

Sleeping through the night at six weeks!

Posted: 14 February 2010 Author: Gayle

12th September 2009 Dear Gayle, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for helping Thomas. He is SO much happier, it really is amazing - I never thought it would be possible to have a baby who slept through the night at six weeks! Many, many thanks, Gabby and Neil Harrison Continue Reading »

Heat stroke, heart attacks and the avoidance of...

Posted: 14 July 2009 Author: Gayle

Its hot, and getting hotter! They are forecasting 30 degrees this week... (end of June 2009) This means, as far as I am concerned many of my patients having increasing problems with - Heat stroke, heart attacks, heart failure and the avoidance of the excess heat. The... Continue Reading »

Managing after cancer treatment

Posted: 14 April 2009 Author: Gayle

How will I know I’m getting better? In many cases, the treatment given following surgery reduces the risk of the cancer returning. There are often no tests which can be done to confirm that the treatment has worked, and this can be very frustrating. For some,... Continue Reading »

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