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“What you have done (for my baby) is amazing!”

This is just one of the comments from having treated a newborn who was having some feeding difficulties.

Since seeing you he’s able to open his jaw much wider and his latch has improved dramatically …this morning he was doing some huge sucks and swallows that I’ve never heard before!

He’s having his tongue tie snipped the day before his next appointment with you which is good timing.

Thank you so much!!!! Xx

The start of the story:

“He was born 25th March at 41 weeks weighing 8lb 1oz.

Sadly I had to have an emergency C section as there was a lot of blood in the waters and they were worried about placental abruption. Not what I wanted, but I did at least go into labour naturally and was 7cm dilated when they recommended C section.

In the end the placenta and him were fine, I lost some blood but avoided a transfusion.

I am breastfeeding, which is what I wanted!

I would have brought him to you sooner but my abdominal muscles were still a bit tender and I wasn’t happy driving. They’re much better now.

He’s 5 and a half weeks old.

He’s a happy chap, but I’ve actually been recommended cranial osteopathy by a lactation consultant as she thinks he has a mild posterior tongue tie and he seems to turn his head to the left a lot while latching.

Feeding is going well from his perspective I think but I’m getting pinched nipples.”

Clearly the couple of Osteopathic treatments that he received, along with some help for his super-cool Mum to ensure that the feeding reflexes for him, and her milk production were OK – made a big difference.

I was also able to confirm a slight tongue tie – which is often missed, and cause a life time of problems if not attended to – in the way of speech, swallowing, concentration and even breathing! So a tiny snip should sort this out and I can have the pleasure of seeing him thrive, indeed the whole family thrive.

Seeking EARLY intervention with Gayle can make a world of difference. Not only does she have 30 years experience to the subject but normal and healthy development can then take place as soon as possible. That way there should be no catching up or delay.

If you and your new baby book in for a post partum checkup Gayle will check and adjust all sorts of concerns and worries that you will be aware of, and many that you won’t! You will need to make a DOUBLE APPOINTMENT time slot.

If you know anyone who may also benefit – please share this post to them via email or send the link. Thank you.

Place your healing in my hands. Your health IS my priority.

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