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In a topsy-turvy world where there feels like there is little certainty now is the time when you need extra care, support and love for yourself and others.

It is easy to feel de-railed and frightened right now.

The news screams disaster and death and statistics.

We can’t get away because we are in “lockdown” – a very emotionally descriptive word.

We have to deal with ourselves more and more – and our minds run riot without a sense of purpose, perspective and an end in sight.

We have become exhausted by months of set backs, dramas and uncertainty – way more than our nervous systems are designed to adapt to. Brexit, Covid, schooling or not, personal freedoms, finances etc

eg Sabre-tooth tigers were very real, tangible and an immediate threat. You either ran and hid or got munched! Simple. Viruses are anything but similar.

These new experiences are NOT physical in the main – they are emotional, psychological and we have rarely been taught to manage this aspect of life. (They CAN be managed by the way, in case you were wondering, but it takes time and plenty of ongoing training.)

New Year brings expectations doesn’t it?

  • improve, get better
  • set resolutions, however impractical
  • dream
  • set huge targets
  • create self-made traps! 😉

What I have also experienced this year – is that the energies and desires are quite different. We are in the Age of Aquarius afterall…

The focussed distinctions for what we want to create are taking their time to emerge/show themselves up clearly though.
e.g. I am aware that I require more support to fulfill them.
Its easy to give up from self-doubt without even starting.

Does this make sense? Is this your experience too?

One other thing – despite the current lockdowns and altered lives we are leading YOU CAN CREATE plans and wishlists of things to do / experience etc. 🙂

Here is a suggestion though – don’t plan on foreign holidays – make them closer to home –  for your own mind, and body!

Self care has never been more important – so a

  • regular Osteopathic appointment is very helpful.
  • Learning meditation or practicing yoga stretches.
  • Walks in Nature
  • Learning who you really are and what you are here for – your purpose
  • Be gentle and respectful to yourself and what can get done in any given time frame.

Use the time we have been granted to grow and develop. Go DEEP, go broad and really know who you are as a person… not just the superficial preference for a nail colour!

If you want some recommendations for courses – please get in touch. I have plenty of inspirational resources.

© Gayle Palmer January 2021. Living Elements Clininc

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