A new study has revealed that taking supplements of beta-carotene, the pigment found in carrots, tomatoes, and broccoli, and which makes carrots orange, may cut the risk of dementia and help you remember words and conversations better. The study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, found that those who take beta-carotene supplements have better memory and other brain skills. It is thought that beta-carotene protects brain cells from damage caused by ageing. So, next time you make a big summer salad, don’t forget to include the chopped or grated carrots and other red / orange and yellow veg!

For extra peace of mind, especially if you aren’t eating a minimum of 7-8 fruit and veg EACH AND EVERY DAY – take some fabulous fruit and veg supplements – available exclusively from the clinic. The red / orange and yellow ones are all in the Carotenoid Complex. Its a capsule (3 a day are recommended that give you 3 portions of organic F and V’s) and you have it with food. It boosts your immunity by 37% in just a few days as well as helping to protect you from sun burn etc. Buy it online now at http://www.livingelements.co.uk

I hope this helps.

Cancer prevention, good brain functioning, sunburn protection, health…. they are all inextricably linked to a very healthy diet, full of fruit and veg’s. This is not pie in the sky, it’s not me having a rant – its proven fact over and over again. The Governments “5-a-day” is NOT ENOUGH to stay healthy. Start by taking natural dietary supplements, as an insurance policy, as I do each day and benefit from better health and more energy to boot!

Your health is my priority.

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