Pairing up Osteopathy with breastfeeding may not immediately spring to mind but let me explain why they are!

It is #WorldBreastfeedingWeek2019 and its aim it to empower parents to look at breastfeeding in a new way – and to encourage them to feed their child this natural way.

As an Osteopath I am always deeply saddened that some women find it impossible to breastfeed naturally, or even may not have this as an option at all. It seems such a basic function of being a woman. For many though, the initial trials that they may encounter can be overcome with skilful Osteopathic treatment and breast feeding advice.

I think it is worth the extra effort – if only for the sheer ease and convenience later. It arguably provides much better nutrition too, but more on that later.

Feeding is a complex function requiring both Mum and Baby to work together in harmony! There are numerous mechanisms at work – from conscious and unconscious brain function, to blood supply changes, motor organisation and digestion!

It isn’t much of a surprise that sometimes things can go awry and when they do PROMPT action is imperative. Seeing your GP may not be the best route – they are generalists. Seeing a cranial Osteopath who specialises in obstetrics and gynae plus Paediatrics may be! Gayle Palmer could be your saviour!

Difficult births – long or difficult labours, the use of Ventouse and forceps, even a Caesarian section does not mean that the baby’s head has not been compromised and the precious nerves from the top of the neck which largely organise the sucking / swallowing reflexes don’t get pinched.

Even if that is OK, the Mum’s posture when feeding and her blood supply etc will alter not only the quantity but quality of the milk!

Plus – both parties have to work TOGETHER for it all to work!

With over 30 years of experience treating babies and mothers during the formative few weeks and months Gayle Palmer D.O., Osteopath at the Living Elements Clinic has plenty of experience to help your family out during this time.

It can be hard work with a newborn. It is tiring, confusing and worrying. It is also a delight, exciting and amazing!

Gayle wants your family to thrive, not just survive, especially during the first three months – when masses of healing, recovery and growth takes place.

It is a really challenging period. Give yourself a break, and lifeline, and have an Osteopathic Post Partum checkup for you both with Gayle. Let’s see what really happened and then improve the tight, restricted areas to get back the optimum function.

Natural breastfeeding and great quality milk supply also depends on Mum’s diet and Gayle is well trained to offer healthy, natural advice and top tips during the consultations to enhance this. If YOU are not eating the right diet – either the baby will strip your own body of the necessary nutrients if it can (it has already done this during the pregnancy by the way) or it has to do without.

Bottle feeding may not offer the best nutrition either, especially as there are increasing reports that many brands of baby milk contain Roundup made by Monsanto, a dangerous weedkiller.

So our consultations cover a wide ranging array of subjects and potential worries and we come up with solutions for YOUR individual circumstances that really make a difference. See the video posted below for more info…

As a side note – Gayle offers Gift Vouchers for worried grandparents / siblings to purchase to ease the concern over finances and enable these life changing treatments to take place.

Your Health IS MY Priority!

Make an appointment TODAY! Book a double appointment (Mum and Baby) online and let’s make life a bit easier.

It is never too early to come in for a treatment either – or too late!

Breastfeeding and OsteopathyHow Osteopath at the Living Elements Clinic, Gayle Palmer, can make an impact on the family health.#WorldBreastfeedingWeek#WBW2019

Posted by Gayle Palmer on Saturday, 3 August 2019

If you have found this helpful – please comment below and share to any mothers who are struggling with a newborn, especially if it is around their feeding. Thank you for looking out for others.


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