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Changeable weather can upset the status quo for your health

Have you noticed how in the last week to 10 days, as the weather has fluctuated so much - your ability to adapt to the changes has decreased? It now being Bank Holiday 28th May 2018.

The hot weather (up to 25C easily) has perked up everyone's emotions but it has also got many people more snappy and their energy levels can be easily exhausted. Folks are finding it more difficult to keep on an even keel.

Homeostasis is the body's way to keep the internal environment stable and within quite tight tolerances - eg tissue salts, temperature, acidity levels, hydration etc.

Without these remarkable compensatory mechanisms we would very quickly run into a host of problems.

Amazingly we only seem to have a few symptoms on the whole given what we have been putting our bodies through recently... BUT

If you are already unwell - with heart failure, lung conditions, dealing with allergies or under a lot of emotional stress - our coping mechanisms can fail - and quickly.


  • Don't ignore the symptoms - they are real and its your body's way of telling you that it is struggling!
  • Drink plenty of water - if you a a bit achy / crampy add a pinch of salt to a big glass and quaff!#
  • Try to get out of the sun or into a breeze to help you cool down
  • Eat lots of fresh vegetables esp cucumber or watermelon - these re-hydrate you AND give you the much needed tissue salts which are lost in sweat or urine.
Symptoms to watch out for include:
Headaches; lethargy; confusion; delerium; cramp; bad breath; very smelly sweat; shortness of breath (although this can be for a host of reasons); very dark urine; irregular heartbeats; high sweats; panic attacks; irrational behaviour; convulsions / fitting; anxiety.
Listen to your body - all these symptoms, and more, can be attributable to the body not being able to maintain its normal levels to remain healthy. Symptoms can be physical, emotional, mental and spiritual!
The recent fluctuating temperatures and electrical storms can induce acute problems where there were just imbalances without major problems. Be aware for your family and neighbours.
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