One of the more amusing parts to being an Osteopath at this time of the year is hearing HOW my clients injured themselves over the holidays! It brings new ways (and excuses!).

Yes! Some have slid on the fat whilst moving the turkey as it fell… others have tried to save a precious glass and calamity has happened.

What is YOUR story?

If these (or similar) have happened to you or a family member this Christmas please get in touch ASAP and see Lissie Evans.

She is working on Friday 27th Dec to sort out your aches and pains – whether they are recent or of longer duration.

Either use the link below or call the surgery on 01243 641665 on Friday morning.

Book in directly here

The other excitement that Osteopaths have at this time of year (this is a bit tongue in cheek by the way) – is to see all the latest sock and underwear fashions! So please don’t disappoint!

Your Health IS Our Priority!

Happy New Year.

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