Love them or not – vegetables are ESSENTIAL to being healthy – as they contain the “Phyto-nutrients” ( nutrients from plants alone) that MUST be eaten each day to stay fit and vital.

It is #EatYourVegetables day during June – when we have all the salad options available plus some of the winter ones still to choose from to eat – so perfect timing!

If you struggle can I suggest that you TRY a new vegetable. Be brave! Do some research about how to cook them / or prepare them or even different varieties – as they aren’t all the same each and every time.

You may have had a bad experience with ONE and then mentally “decided” that they were all bad or ate something that was off (which won’t taste good of course!) and that was it!.

I invite you to look again…. there will be some, prepared properly and well – that you WILL LOVE!

Its #Eatyourvegetablesday!!Here is why….

Posted by Living Elements Clinic on Monday, 17 June 2019

Eat Your Veg!

Hi. It’s Gayle Palmer from the Living Elements Clinic here.

Today is Eat Your Vegetables Day! Yey! So I just thought I would come on and say a little bit more about vegetables and why they are so amazing and maybe will make you want to eat more of them. I thought I would come out to the garden.

I have vegetables in various places in the garden. Usually in amongst these flowers and the various other things. So, it is a bit of mixed group but we have got some spinach here, there’s some alliums flowering. I just planted some leeks but they are flowering too! I did not get to eat them, they are too pretty.  And I have just dug up some of the old Swiss chard which was going to bit crazy as well.

But, here are a few facts that you might be interested in knowing about.

Did you know that you are supposed to have eight to ten, eight to ten portions of vegetables each and every day. Why You might ask? Because I am sure that a lot of people do not, or even the recommended five a day from the government. The reason is all those colored fruits and vegetables have special chemicals called “phytonutrients” (That means nutrients that come from plants within them) and we need those for our bodies.

  • We need those to help our blood and our circulation.
  • We need those for our energy.
  • We need those to prevent diseases and build up our immune system.
  • We need those to prevent cancer.
  • And so we need to have a variety.

So we need different colours of vegetables, greens… lots of greens, particularly greens (!) but also blues and purples so that might be blueberries, that might be red veg, black or purple. We need to have the reds and the oranges, and yellows. Those contain carotenoids and so things like tomatoes, carrots, peppers and all sorts of peppers obviously. Chillies. All of those red, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables (but do not count it if you think there are many whites e.g potatoes as, although they have good levels of potassium, they do not have quite so many phytonutrients in them.

But squash – is really high in carotenoids and pumpkins, so huge variety that you can have there. And as say you need to have lots of greens. So, dark greens in particular, spinach, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts in the winter, leeks, garlic, onions and all of those. They have fantastic anti-cancer properties, anti-inflammatory properties and are essential for our good health. Now, there are ways you can cheat to make sure that you get your ten in if you really do not feel that you can eat eight to ten portions a day!!

Bear in mind what eight to ten portions is equivalent to, one portion is equivalent to about a fistful, okay? So, one good size tomato, a big heap or portion of spinach, for an instance. So, you need eight to ten of those portions!

At the clinic here, I supply some fantastic organic whole food, fruit and vegetable supplements in a pill or capsule form. They are fantastic and they are great as an extra boost. So, you can get an extra four, five or six portions of fruits and vegetables a day in addition to whatever you eat and that is an easy way to do that.

That might be an idea for some of you and if you are interested in that, leave a message below and we can have conversation, then you could come and take some from the clinic.

So, I hope that, that has inspired you. There are some fabulous, fabulous recipes for fruits and vegetables available, easy to do, take very, very little time, probably less time than microwaving, something that you have already got.

Get those and keep yourself well, and healthy and vibrant and enjoy.

So, that’s Gayle Palmer, signing off and say take care wherever you are. God Bless!

© Gayle Palmer Living Elements Clinic

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