Oxygen is essential for life. This means we have to get it INTO our lungs.

If your lungs get an infection or stiff (fibrosis) you cannot get air in and out as efficiently. If your lungs get sticky or filled with fluid – e.g. due to an infection, the problem worsens. If you have pre-existing lung conditions it can be life-threatening for some, at best – it will slow recovery.

As you rely on your ribs, diaphragm and respiratory muscles to cause the vacuum by which you can get air into your lungs – anything that reduces this changes the odds.

In this video, Osteopath, Gayle Palmer, demonstrates simple, easily modifiable exercises to stretch out your ribs, back, diaphragm and muscles so that your structure can function properly.

This is especially beneficial if you DO get a chest infection of any sort, OR if your lungs / chest is stiff e.g. asthma, Cystic fibrosis etc. or due to personal choice – e.g smoking!

Not everyone has specialist equipment at hand – so adapt where necessary. For example – a rope or broom handle or bed sheet or towel can all be used to help you do the exercises.

If you are struggling with your chest – do this exercises every hour, if possible. They take just a few minutes. You can also adapt them to be done sitting – but this does reduce the range of movement that you can achieve, and so some of the benefits.

Movement is life. If you want to stay healthy – MOVE!

Any questions? – comment below.

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