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Falls are a common cause for my patients to give me a visit. Slips and inadvertent lack of concentration (as well as the effects of medication) have instantaneous and often surprising results.

I helped a patient this week following a nasty fall onto their elbow. It had caused whiplash to the low back (and hence back and leg pain) and neck (leading to headaches and stiffness) as well as local problems.

With some osteopathic manipulation and “thinking outside the box techniques” I was able to release the elbow and help its function, as well as the neck, shoulder, ribs, wrist and hand too! None of this was difficult to painful to do but she was able to move her upper limb again and turn her head properly.

There is more work to do, as its a few months ago now that she fell (!) but… the patient is delighted already with the increased function. The whiplash effects still need to be addressed, but at least she can move her arm again.

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