The one thing that we all have in common is a huge increase in the amount of FEAR we are experiencing. It seems to be all pervading, unless you have learnt techniques to offset the media and Government dramas around Coronavirus (or been in a tin mine!)

This is a really big – and potentially long lasting effect – for the whole population and is being reflected right now in my clients bodies – even those who think it hasn’t effected!

In the video below I explain about this in more detail.

For many people the lockdown has had profound effects on what they feel, what they experience and how they see themsleves

They feel:

  • Institutionalised
  • Anxious
  • Numb / dead inside
  • Get sleep deprived
  • Worried about going outside
  • Terrified about speaking to others
  • the World has become a very scary place
  • Angrey
  • Disempowered
  • Victim of circumstance

They have reported feeling:

  • tight chested
  • headachey
  • stiff muscles and joints – more than usual
  • difficulty relaxing
  • fearful
  • specific aches and pains eg knees, jaw, chest that are not normal for them
  • worried all the time – about EVERYTHING, no matter how trivial
  • irrational thoughts and behaviour
  • confusion

These are real symptoms. It doesn’t mean that there is fundamentally anything wrong though!! Sometimes they happen when things ARE working!

Many of these are due to how our bodies are dealing with the emotional and mental tensions – when we can’t run away / fight the goof fight or just hide.

We feel powerless in the face of the pandemic, the media hype AND we can’t even see the darned virus!

KNOWING all this, still doesn’t make a difference though!

Intellectually understanding doesn’t take away the anxiety and fear – as our bodies have taken on the tension – as a coping mechanism. Great if you are being chased by a life-threatening animal – not so good if the pressure comes from Government edicts!

One of the major aspects to consider and learn, when I trained over 30 years ago now, was how structure governs function, and vice versa. With fear – there is no structure – but it does have a shape, form and texture amongst other things – and it definately has effects.

Osteopathy is unique in how it approaches health and ill-health, disease and dis-ease.

Right now – there is much ill-health and dis-ease. Osteopathy can help with both of these – and more!

If you want to have some answers and get support – make an appointment to see Gayle – there is online booking now too (BOOK NOW) and let’s #getyoubacktolife.

YOUR Health IS My Priority.

Gayle Palmer D.O.

© Living Elements Clinic June 2020

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