We weight bear and rely on our feet and ankles with very little thought about what may happen if they are too painful to be used or lose their flexibility. In fact these appendages are fascinating marvels of evolution and function.

Maintaining their function is vital for our ability to move. In this funny video Gayle Palmer demonstrates what you can do on a regular basis to keep them working well, strengthen them and help the balance too.

Try this at home – with something to hold onto, at least initially to give you more confidence.

How did you get on?

If you do these regularly in a short period of time you will have a surprising improvement in foot flexibility, function, proprioception and balance. It can also reduce or remove foot pain and help the power in your lower leg.

The key to success – repeat regularly!

Your Health IS My Priority!

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In the meantime – bend the knees and stretch out those tissues! Enjoy.

Gayle Palmer

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