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Good Death vs Good Life...??!

It is mid May 2018 and it is Good Death Week!

It may be a challenging topic, but it is a very important one. Being mortal is as much a state of mind as it is of being and living right now!

Discussing the topic should help you to put things into perspective.

Having a good life (or death) is really all about clarity and planning.

If you don't know what you want, then the Universe cannot align with your wishes to create that - instead it gets to work on what you are wishing for - in your speaking or thoughts. For example - "I don't want to get old" (dream on...time happens!) or "I don't want it to be cloudy on my day off.."

The old adage of

Be careful what you wish for...

is very close to the mark!

I find that in conversation getting clear about what you DO want can be one of the biggest gifts I can give people. Creating real clarity and alignment is very powerful, even inspiring.

If you want some more help in the area of getting clear about your life and death options then I have created some resources for you to do just that!

Follow this link, subscribe and download for free my Great Guidelines for Later Life Starter Kit.

Inside the starter kit you will find a few questionnaires that make it easy to get clear about what you WANT vs what you don't! It should give you peace of mind afterwards and also ideas of what actions to take next.

I hope you like it! Please let me know.

By all means share this page to your friends or onto social media if you think it will help others.

There is the LINK info:

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