One of the advantages for being in practice for nearly 30 years and taking an interest in people, the “human condition” and what has people succeed in life and those who may not reach their full potential; is observing how I can make an impact. How to make a difference.

The scope of my Osteopathic practice, for those who have met me, includes a lot of other things than just Osteopathic technique! Much of the pleasure of looking after clients over decades is helping them to make their lives work better – on all and any levels! This is what I, Gayle Palmer, and the Living Elements Clinic is all about.


To this end I have noticed that there is a large “hole” or missing for many people when they begin to reach “older age”. The specific age has been kept vague on purpose – how we feel, and how we react to this “age” conversation varies massively.

You often don’t feel mentally older (although there can be signs that things aren’t working quite so well) anything like as quickly as how you physically feel. Plus, unlike the body – the brain is able to lie, play tricks and other ruses to prevent you facing up to the truth! (Don’t worry – it’s NOT just you!) The disadvantage is that time and ageing creeps up before you realise it…

Have you noticed that there is no successful structures to getting older?!

What does that mean? …Think about your earlier life…school, exams, maybe further education, getting a job or getting married etc – They all have structures to follow. There is an A to B to C development, in the same way that you learnt to use numbers and then eventually do algebra or particle physics! It is additive.

Well, this is great until you get older and retire! Additions have worked well until now but.. You now find that you are surrounded by a colossal mass of things and stuff. They represent what you have done, thought, accomplished, created, developed, learnt and more. (Additive) They represent your memories – both good and bad. But, the older you get, as you begin to need less and less stuff, and things about you, before you leave your mortal body – you actually need LESS STUFF. It is a huge dilemma!

How do you sort through 60, 70, 80 years of life?

It will need to be done on various levels too! –
  • physical objects
  • mental beliefs and understandings
  • emotional interactions
  • spiritual and energetic changes
  • Family relationships and hierachies

Well, this was what I was facing with my Mum and wondering how I could help her… She was getting less healthy each month. She had been trying to reduce things slowly for years, and it was working, but it was clear that it was going to beat her… there wasn’t enough time left to do it all in! I needed to help. I also knew that it could be difficult as it wasn’t my “stuff” or my memories.

This is why I created Great Guidelines for Later Life.

  • If you want to find out more about how YOU can be helped,
  • or how to find immediately useful tools to make a start –
  •  whether you are a “senior” yourself, or
  • want to help a loved one of friend – or
  • want to future proof your own life, then

THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! Read more here.

A lifetime of collecting your life together in actual objects may not serve you as you wish going forward.

e.g. You no longer need your school books, ball gowns for parties in the 40’s or high heels which your feet can no longer get into (however beautiful they may be). You don’t need all those pots and pans in the kitchen – when you only cook for yourself and you don’t need the bills and invoices which have been kept just in case for years in untidy files!

But, there is more – if your spouse dies – do you know how to manage the finances or how to feed and clothe yourself? These life skills become increasingly important, but with age the seniors find it more difficult to adapt to change…

The Great Guidelines courses help to get clear on many aspects of life which are important to you. You get to steadily go through each area, answering questions, putting things in order in your own mind, and writing it down so that your family will know how to manage things when you are gone too. Help and support is available all along. Find out more here:

   If you want to make a start right now – how about downloading the FREE Starter Kit? It contains a number of essential lists which will help others and you going forward. They are easy to complete and could even save your life! Free to download. 

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