We get so used to using our hands and wrists that when they stop working whenever we wish – it can feel like a disaster!

In this video Gayle, with some help explains some of the causes of problems and prescribes some simple but effective exercises YOU can do at home to improve

  • mobility
  • flexibility
  • strength
  • .dexterity
  • function
  • reduce pain and more.

These are a good starting point but there are many other factors to possibly consider so you may still need to make an Osteopathic appointment so that the local area but also your elbow, shoulder, neck and the nerve and blood supply can be assessed in more detail.

Remember that whilst carrying out detailed, specific tasks we also need to stabilise these other areas, as a fulcrum, to then work from.

As the hand is at the “end of the line” it reacts most poorly to changes than areas closer to the center – and may only be a symptom of other events. Hence the need for an assessment.

To book an appointment – you can book online very quickly and easily (BOOK HERE) or call Gayle at the clinic on 01243 641665.

If you have further questions about the exercises or your own situation get in touch. I am here to help.

Your Health IS My Priority!

Gayle Palmer

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