This may not seem a very Osteopathic question – but it is very relevent to your health, well-being and longer term outcomes.

So how DO you manage when things are not going your way?

What are your strategies?

Did you even realise that you had built up a range of strategies to cover up when things are not going your way or when you have got something wrong?

Gayle Palmer dives into adversity – and why some of our coping mechanisms do not always work out so well. Plus how, with a guiding ear and some coaching – anyone can develop some new, more appropriate strategies that can make all the difference.

This can be for any area of life too – health, family, work etc…

How well do YOU deal with Adversity??Here I am dog walking in the pouring rain.. and this question came up!

Posted by Living Elements Clinic on Tuesday, 24 September 2019

If you are wondering why I looked a bit green – it was raining hard, and I was partially under cover of a green canopied commercial greenhouse tunnel! Nothing to be alarmed about! Haha.

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