Lifting heavy and outsized objects can strain your back  and muscles generally. In this post and accompanying video Osteopath,  Gayle Palmer explains how to do this safely.

Ok! Top tip No 5 to great back care…Lifting heavy and awkward objects!Its demo time!

Posted by Living Elements Clinic on Thursday, 10 October 2019

Lifting difficult objects is often more about technique than sheer brute strength!

(By the way – “To Heft” is a great Yorkshire verb for this kind of lift! Good for Scrabble too.)

If you can use your own body weight and leverages it can be surprisingly easy! Leverage vs strength wins every time! Think how much we can lift when we create a mechanical advantage.

The Basics

  1. Bend your knees to utilize the strength in your thighs and save your back muscles from strain.
  2. Aim to get the object as close to you as possible.
  3. Keep your back straight and your bottom “tucked in”.
  4. Use your body weight to help move an object around eg a well-placed knee / your torso or abdomen, even another object eg a wall etc to rest things on.

Get a strong, wide-base stance so that your balance is good. Think through what the task is before you start.

Move things around / re-position so you need to bend and twist as little as possible.

Get some extra help if necessary – most people don’t mind being asked! Give up being the lone hero!

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