Did you know that one of the main reasons that you get ill is not because you have “caught a bug” but that your immune system has stopped working as it should?

As a result your body has the right conditions for the “bug” and its effects to “come to the surface” as an infection. When your immunity drops- from tiredness and exhaustion, increased stress levels, toxic overload eg after a surfit of food and drink (Xmas!) or due to environmental factors – eg wheat, pollen, house dust allergies; chemical exposure, drug residues etc; the normal bugs (which include both the good guys and the bad ones) get out of proportion. When this happens you become ill. Where this happens depends on where the imbalance is and how severe the opportunitistic bug increase is.

So, your body undergoes a normal healing response – a fever, a cough or cold, diarrhoea, vomiting etc. This is GOOD! It means that your immune system is working to rid itself of the toxins, including the bugs that it finds. At the same time, it learns how to fight that particular infection in the future and stores that information in special white blood cells, ready for next time. Basically you can think of an infection as a natural, normal way for the body to spring clean the darkest, deepest parts! The main organs for this are the eliminatory ones – lungs, skin, bowel, sweat, nose etc.

But, your response may not be “Oh good, I have a cold!” but “Oh no! I am ill.”

Instead of supporting your immune reaction and the cleansing that is taking place by allowing the body to clear and clean effectively, as you want to get well quickly, you take a trip to the chemist to stock up on cold suppressants, drugs to reduce the fever and even anti-biotics etc. But in the long term, these just mean that your body has (a) not got rid of the toxins and (b) has not learnt how to overcome the bug and worse still, the toxins now have to be stored within the body. The main tissue for detritus storage is fat (adipose tissue).

In my experience, when the body has another try to eradicate those toxins at a later date they do so from a deeper organ or tissue, afterall there has been an even greater of level of build-up since then. This time there is not a brief cold, more of a chest infection – bronchitis and pneumonia for example.

We all know that eating healthily keeps us healthy, as does regular exercise, laughing etc. This is because these activities stimulate the immune system and allow the eliminatory organs to work efficiently.

You can help this by drinking plenty of water, eating loads of fruit AND vegetables! Cutting down on the chocolate, alcohol, smoking etc helps but sometimes more is needed. Also cleansing herbs, immune stimulating supplements etc may need to be used to enable your body to clean through properly. AFTER your illness, you also need to support the body, especially if you have been on anti-biotics with probiotics (live yoghurt is NOT enough) as these re-balance those gut bacteria and keep it there. Buy them from the clinic by calling in. (I can also post them)

Some of the dis-eases associated with a toxic overload are:

  • osteoarthritis
  • IBS Irritable bowel syndrome
  • headaches
  • sinusitis
  • chest infections, especially chronic
  • obesity and weight gain
  • brain fog and disorientation
  • hormonal problems.

Useful treatments to help may include

  • Osteopathy
  • regular exercise
  • colonics,
  • massage,
  • skin brushing and
  • lots of specific dietary advice and the use of supplements to help towards great health for you.

Pilates and Qigong classes are also useful adjuncts to stimulate your core muscles and help your gut clear out more deeply. They are also great for getting your diaphragm working and this can have a big effect on how your lungs, gut, liver etc all work. Vital for health!

You DO NOT have to put up with ill health, so take action now!

Have a look at the website www.livingelements.co.uk now for more information or call 01243 641665.


YOUR Health IS MY Priority!
© Gayle Palmer D.O. Osteopath 2009-19

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