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It is very disappointing that our area has also been included in the England lockdown #2, as until very recently we had remarkably few cases.

Still, it is a hard balancing act between the NHS and available beds (especially given an exhausted healthcare workforce) and the economy and people’s freedom.

I am delighted to say though that the Living Elements Clinic is OPEN for business as usual.

Gayle Palmer is able to see her clients, new and existing, with few exceptions. This is because this time around there are new screening, protocols and PPE in place.

This keeps YOU all safe and feeling safe and confident in our hands and using our services and keeps Gayle safe too – so she can continue to care for her clients.

You can hear more about the details from watching this short video.

One thing I forgot to say – with the winter cool approaching, and the need to keep the treatment room well ventilated between clients – it is even more important that you bring with you



to wrap over you! Once you are lying down, the heat escapes off you from all your body – which can cool you quite quickly! Hand towels are simply not large enough!

YOUR health IS My priority – place your healing in my safe and experienced hands.


Stay safe, wear your mask when out and about, wash your hands and be sensible about your distance from others.

© Gayle Palmer November 2020

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