Migraines can take over every aspect of your life – family, work, downtime, child care etc but for many sufferers it doesn’t have to be like this.

This week is #migraineawarenessweek and as I’m a long-term sufferer I thought this was a great opportunity to educate those who are affected by friends and colleagues or employees who suffer from migraine.

Migraine affects 1 in 5 of the population and every day in the UK 190,000 suffer a migraine attack. The WHO ranks it as one of the 20 most disabling conditions, however it is the least publicly funded neurological illness relative to its economic impact (it costs the UK economy in the region of £7 billion).

My migraine started when I was about 7 years old, I think, and I remember whilst at university some of my fellow students reporting that they thought I was dying when they first saw me with a migraine attack.

Do your migraines make you want to hide from the world?#

If you have friends or family who suffer from migraine you’re probably already aware of just how debilitating it can be.

But if you’re an employer and it affects someone’s reliability and quality of their work you may not be quite so understanding.

Migraine is not simply a headache, and pumping yourself up with painkillers does nothing to alleviate the symptoms, and in fact in many cases can make things worse, especially nausea and sickness.

Learn more about migraine and the
NATIONAL MIGRAINE CENTRE here: https://lnkd.in/duXYamM

Fortunately now I only get a migraine once or twice a year, and they tend to be visual vs painful as well. This is a less common variant and for me can also result in total hemi-sided numbness which is weird and alarming, along with reduced vision. (Not good when driving on a motorway!)

I know the triggers (low blood sugar and dehydration usually in my case) and can take prompt action which often staves off the full attack.

For many though they have no idea what causes them and are simply conditioned to just pop some pills and give in. Fortunately OSTEOPATHY can be a powerful ally in your quest for relief and help.

An Osteopath, like Gayle Palmer D.O., will take a detailed case history, fully examine you (spine and body included) and then try to ascertain, along with your story, what is going on, what may be the cause, and then work towards normalising the situation.

Gayle will spend time working out what is happening. There is no “one pill fits all” solution – each treatment plan and action is tailored to you and your life!

If you want to know more – make an appointment to see Gayle. With 30 years experience she may see / find something which others have overlooked; this may be the key to your better health. 😉


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Gayle Palmer

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