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Mobile phones – the blessings and banes of our lives!

And we seem to be unable to live without them…but many are using them for hours and hours a day – and causing repetitive injuries as a result.

How much and how you use your phone or tablet will partly determine what injuries or strains you may experience.

The most common ones that I see are;

  • neck pain
  • headaches
  • thumb strain
  • dry and sore eyes
  • jaw tightness
  • sore little fingers where the phone rests!

Others include strained and sore wrists and aches across the shoulders or upper spine, even tennis elbow.

Most are related to your POSTURE – how you sit and for how long.

Our skeleton is designed to support us but not for really long periods without movement, plus if you slouch then the supporting structures do not work optimally which leads to further strains.

Fortunately Osteopathy is not only a brilliant way to diagnose the specific problem but also to treat it.

In addition, I can isolate those factors that aggravate the situation, and if need be suggest supports etc to cradle the wrists, elbows etc so that they are able to rest and recover. Afterall, the chances are you won’t be giving up your precious phone any time soon!

In short, using a mobile phone is bad for your health!

Muscle and joint strains are common, pain and inflammation increases and your sense of humour decreases as a result.

Its amazing they have caught on so much really given how they aren’t ergonomically designed!

Let Osteopathy come to your help though. Get in touch today. Click the link page below.

Got more questions? Contact me at the clinic or leave a message. I am here to help.

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