Back pain is common, but not necessarily normal – which is a common mis-use of words! There are many reasons for back pain – from a simple strain or muscle tiredness to bruising to nerve getting trapped causing localised pain and discomfort. Osteopathy is a fantastic tool and medical discipline to help reduce and relieve back pain. We also love a bit of magic! 

The Osteopath, Gayle Palmer,  uses her skills to find out what is wrong – partly by taking a detailed history – it may give clues to what has happened, either recently or other factors that may be present from the past. This is an essential part of the consultation.

Following this an examination will take place, by feeling with the hands and assessing active and passive movements – e.g. she may ask the client to bend sideways or forward to see how much function there is.

Once all this is done a diagnosis and treatment plan is worked out, and explained to the client. Unlike many other disciplines – because the hands not only provide the treatment but give constant feedback during that treatment there is an ongoing process of evaluation and adjustment. It makes for a highly personalised and unique treatment at each appointment.

If you want to find out if Osteopathy is suitable for you and the back pain that you are experiencing then call Gayle Palmer to make an appointment on 01243 641665.


Surgery hours are Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8am-7pm. For more information about Gayle Palmer follow this link.

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