I have created a new appointment category for you – phone consultations!

With all the concern about the Coronavirus flu pandemic and to potentially avoid being in contact with others or if we go into “Lock down” its a great option.

This is for clients who are

  • concerned about coming in to the clinic for a treatment due to existing conditions OR

  • may have current infections etc and do not want to spread the problem e.g. Coronavirus etc OR

  • simply can’t get here due to acute back pain or are self-isolating etc.

BUT you still need to have self-help advice and exercises prescribed specifically for you.

It is what happens during a normal consultation, more often than not, but will be in more detail to help you to get and stay well, and regain your health as soon as possible. You could use the consultation for any form of medical concern – a “bad back” or an ongoing situation e.g. an infection or menstrual irregularities, headaches etc.

There are many ways to make a difference, and although it cannot take the place of an Osteopathic Treatment, it will still help you to better health and vitality through a variety of interventions.

One of the big advantages of having an Osteopathic consultation is that we have the TIME to talk and discuss your own situation – in detail. Presently speaking to your GP is especially difficult, but with my detailed and training and 30 years of experience I may be able to help you more than you might think.

How and what the symptoms are, how they make you feel, or other concerns and issues you may have, as well as solutions to help on many levels can be discussed during the consultation / “conference” call.

Colleagues have already picked up a leg DVT by doing a video consultation – and the patient was referred to them by the GP! Trust me – Osteopaths know our “stuff”! See below about what the consultations could cover.

The appointment will be via either: landline phone or using Zoom, FB messenger / Whatsapp. You can choose. Please advise which option works for you in advance. NB for the latter options you will require good internet access.


NB: If you have a cough, fever or breathlessness you MUST NOT attend the surgery. If you have been to a high risk country in the last 14 days or been in contact with a known COVID-19 confirmed case this applies too. There is a high possibility that you could have the latest virus.
If this applies please call 111 ASAP and do not come to the surgery. Thank you.

Your Health and wellbeing IS my Priority, always.

I hope that this new option will allay many concerns and still be able to provide you with a person-centered, client-specific health opportunity that will be of service to all.

At least for the time being, I am still available to see and treat my patients (although this is under constant review – I also still retain my right about whether to treat you or not (as is the case at present). Sadly, due to Government guidelines and possible restrictions, even if you are well, I may still not be able to treat you. I also need to be mindful that a COVID-19 positive infection client does not come into the clinic and then potentially infect others.

You can book any of the appointment types by using the online booking tool – at anytime of the day or night 😉 It is quick and simple to use too. You can click the photo link below.


Here is a bit more detail:

If you have further questions please get in touch.

Lastly, for up-to-date Government information see: https://www.gov.uk/government/topical-events/coronavirus-covid-19-uk-government-response

On the upside – there are many actions you can take to, you just need to know what and how! Just one of the reasons for a phone consultation.

  1. boost your immunity

  2. decrease the likelihood of infection

  3. reduce the duration of the infection

  4. how to prevent cross-contamination

These are just some of the conversations we can have during your phone consultation. The conversation can be wide and free-ranging.

Of course we can also work out how to manage your physical aches and pains that you would usually consult us for. I fully understand that this may not be the same as having a professional Osteopathic treatment, but management of yourself and your body and actions is also very important and painkillers may not be the best option due to their side-effects.

One of the biggest advantages of consulting me as your Osteopath is the time and trained listening that I can bring to it. And as many already know – I can often pick up what you are not saying, as well as what you are! (Even on the phone!) These can give new clues and avenues to explore on your journey to better health that a short 10 minute consultation cannot ever provide e.g. at your GP’s. Plus you save time by not having to travel to the clinic too.

Lastly, Heath is NOT an accident! It takes regular and committed actions.

#TrustYourOsteo. If you aren’t already aware – we have both a Facebook page (Follow HERE) and a YouTube channel (Subscribe HERE) where you can be kept abreast of the best advice and top tips to attain and maintain your health.

© Gayle Palmer D.O., Living Elements Clinic March 2020

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