I am delighted to welcome you to the NEW Living Elements Clinic’s website, where Gayle Palmer D.O. works exclusively.

After about 10 years, and many changes, things were due an update and revision. I hope you like the result.

Plus, there are some new, “modern” features to help provide an even better to service to YOU, my clients.

I have decided to opt for online booking and you can also leave messages via the Facebook chat bot too!

For those who have been trained for so long to call directly to speak to Gayle or leave a message – you can now be in control and not be concerned about ringing up at a weekend or in the early hours of the morning. Hopefully it will work smoothly.

Don’t panic though! – you can also still opt to call for your appointment if you want to discuss your health in person or confirm something whilst creating an appointment and use the traditional contact methods too. (01243 641665)

There are a few more appointment options too – a New Patient appointment or a follow-up one. Both are the usual half an hour.

You can also make a free 10 minute Discovery call phone appointment so you can assess both Osteopathy or Gayle’s other treatment options and whether they may be suitable for you; as well as Gayle herself! It is quick to decide whether we will be a good match. There is no obligation for a further consultation if the match doesn’t work for you.

Note: For Mum and Baby double-appointment vouchers you will need to allow an hours appointment.

How to Book Your Appointment

Just follow the link to the booking calendar – via the BOOK NOW button on the website or the Facebook page of other routes.

Write in your personal details

Choose the date and time of the appointment and that’s it!

You will receive a confirmation email before your appointment – this is a useful part of the booking process. (NB If you do not  have an email address you cannot book online, sorry). You will also be sent a reminder.

Please allow a few minutes when you first use this new tool as there is a little typing initially to do. Its very quick afterwards.

Lastly, to be kept abreast of all the latest happenings and news –
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By all means leave me some feedback in case some things often need tweaking.

YOUR Health IS My Priority – Place your healing in my hands.

© Gayle Palmer 2019

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