Many people have heard of diabetes – but most don’t know what the symptoms are, what challenges it can lead to, or what can be done about it.

Gayle helps to explain one of the most common symptoms to look out for and why its good to recognise its as a problem. Taking action quickly could even save someone’s life!

Being THIRSTY is a seemingly innocent symptom. “It just means I haven’t drunk enough water, doesn’t it?”

Well, yes – maybe! For those who know me well you will remember my bugbear of drink more water! BUT, its not the only cause of thirstiness – a more serious one is diabetes.

DIABETES is the inability of the body to maintain balanced blood sugar levels.

It can be from a high sugar diet – where your body tries to balance the blood sugar but yoyo’s instead as it misses the sweet point.

It can also be from lowered or non-existent insulin production by the pancreas (an abdominal organ) that manages our sugar regulation.

Out body’s homeostasis (balance or sweet point) keeps us healthy and energised. Aberrations cause imbalances and sometimes disease – eg diabetes.

If you are in doubt, see your practice nurse for a pin prick or full blood test.

Did you know that Osteopaths are also used to spotting the signs of diabetes and other disease states? Not only is is a vital part of our training but with our heightened sense of palpation we can sometimes spot other changes which are not obvious to you or your GP either!

Its just another reason to have regular checkups or “MOT’s” to keep your body and mind working to their optimum. You can make an appointment here

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