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Gayle Palmer D.O. qualified in 1991 from The British School of Osteopathy in London with a Diploma in Osteopathy. It has since change its name to University College of Osteopathy, as well as its location.

Since this time she has continually updated her knowledge base across both her primary osteopathic discipline but also many aspects of healthcare. Most notably in the emotional, mental and energetic arenas.

Her specialities range from pre and during pregnancy and childbirth and newborn / children to facial and dental development. The mental-emotional-physical triune connection is also of interest to her.

In latter years her interests and what is possible has also gone to the other end of the spectrum to geriatrics and palliative care! She literally treats from pre-conception to plus 100 years!

Her catchphrase is: Your Health IS my Priority – Place your Healing in my Hands.

With some help and understanding on both sides – Gayle can help your body be the best that you can be – think well, be active, be creative, enjoy life, do the things that you want it to and get the juice and joy from the miracle of life!

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How does it work? What happens?

During an initial consultation we will get to know each other and Gayle will find out exactly why you have come to see her, plus a medical history as this often picks up other concerns or related issues too. Usually there is time for a comprehensive physical examination and testing of your body to make sure you are (A) safe to treat and (B) ascertain what is the problem, and work out what to do to treat it.

Osteopathy is based on some simple but fundamental premises – structure governing function, the arteries and nerve supply are very important and that the body is a self healing mechanism with some blocks to its healthiest expression (that can be helped).

Once a working diagnosis and prognosis has been formulated and discussed with you – things can progress to a treatment. Many more details about this can be found  on the FAQ section of the website which is HERE

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You will get followed up with a more detailed email and are invited to join the client-only Facebook group – Living Elements Clinic Inspiring Health Group for additional support.

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