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You can collect any supplements you need at these times or order in person (by phone) or online and they will be sent to you. Thank you.
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Osteopathy helps on the inside

Whilst gels and sprays may help for a while on the outside of your body - Osteopathy helps on the inside and the difference lasts much longer!

I hear it from my patients all the time -

"I thought it would (just) go away!"

I know... nice thought! How long did you think you would wait?! Two weeks, six months, more...?

This isn't to say that these first aid treatments won't work - but unless its a simple bruise or of short duration - a few days or so, I have to say - "Get real!" You need to get to the CAUSE of the ongoing problem, not try to patch it with a plaster! Once the cause is gone - so are the symptoms!

You CAN tell to a large extent if a problem is progressing in the right direction. Just ask your body.

Here are some questions to ask yourself which may help though:

  1. Am I getting more or less able to function?
  2. Are my symptoms staying the same over time?
  3. Am I complaining a lot about my symptoms, both to others and myself?
  4. Have I changed my habits, routines or life choices due to my complaint(s)?
  5. Am I being stoical, stubborn or just plain trying to forget that there is a problem?

If you are a YES to any of these , then please - do yourself a favour - book an appointment ASAP.

Life is NOT meant to be suffered! Life is for getting the most out of, ALL the time.

By making an appointment you

  • get a proper and accurate diagnosis
  • get the appropriate treatment
  • get to the CAUSE of the problem - not just treat the symptom
  • feel back in control
  • can get on with life without the complaining
  • be referred to another practitioner if this is more appropriate for YOU
  • takes the guess work and worry away
  • live life to the full!

You may not have pain as part of your symptom picture. You might have a stiffness or loss of power or an awkwardness moving; or even a feeling that all is not 100% mentally or emotionally that you can't quite put your finger on! Whatever it is, Gayle is very likely to have seen and heard it all before!

So - do yourself a favour - just book your appointment. Spend the money and get on with the living! You can't take it with you, but suffering and complaining robs you of the joy of life - and that's a much bigger cost!

To make an appointment please CALL 01243 641665 (versus emailing please).

YOUR health IS My Priority!

© Gayle Palmer / Living Elements Clinic 2017

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