Gaining mastery over a skill takes time, concentration, patience and skill – especially for lace making. There are many techniques, designs and finishes.

Osteopathy is just like this and Gayle Palmer D.O. explains why.

Why Osteopathy is like lace making!

Why Osteopathy is like lace making!#OsteopathyWorks, #GaylePalmer, #masterylevel

Posted by Living Elements Clinic on Thursday, 6 June 2019

Osteopathy is a Science – the application of knowledge to the task

Osteopathy is a Skill – how and when to use techniques to make a difference.

Osteopathy is an Art – the added mastery of the Osteopath to add in intuition, “gut feeling” of what to do, or what to say – to make that extra difference.

There is NO one-option-suits-all solution!

EACH treatment is UNIQUE – just as each piece of lace when handmade is unique and individual to the maker too.

© Gayle Palmer, Living Elements Clinic 2019

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