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I am a Royalist – I think Her Majesty is AMAZING – especially as HRH did not choose her “job”, and its hardly a 9 to 5pm one either.

Did you ever think HOW she has managed to negotiate so many challenges over 70 decades? It is not an accident!

The Queen not only has a very sensible brain but also has many advisers of all sorts to help her “rule” her subjects all over the World wisely, compassionately and to her highest service.

What would it be like of YOU too could have an experienced coach to help you get the most out of your life?

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An NLP Discovery Call is your opportunity to find out how to up level your results.

Understand your mindset,
remove fears and
get clarity about your values and beliefs
with NLP Master coach and Time Line Therapy® Practitioner, Gayle Palmer.

Get £50 off the normal Discovery Call rate – there are just 7 lucky people who can take advantage of this to celebrate the Queen’s 70 years on the throne – so don’t wait!

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I know that many of my clients are, and have been, having a tough time recently.

It really pains me to see so many people struggling, especially with their mindset ,and how they unconsciously process and understand the world about them.

This is particularly because I know that these, often self generated or perpetuated stories, are holding them back in ALL areas of their lives.

Here are some areas where breakthroughs can occur:

  1. Unwarranted amounts of anger or fear or sense of loss
  2. Panic attacks and anxiety states
  3. Money and finance management
  4. Self confidence and self esteem
  5. Exam nerves and terror of going numb during an exam and the consequences of not doing well
  6. Career choices – making the “right” decision
  7. Feeling “not good enough” or “stupid: and so holding back
  8. Avoiding love and intimacy because of past stories / disappointment / hurt
  9. Reaching your highest goals and dreams
  10. Putting up with bad situations

If you aren’t sure if some of these apply to you – here are some top tips to listen out for…
“I can’t…..”
“I should but...”
“My Father/Mother said I should never….” – i.e. you borrowed someone else’s belief!
“I will do that later…” and it almost never comes around!
You say you will do X and don’t, and have either (a) no intention to carry this out; (b) do not trust yourself to do X (c) tell yourself you only said this to placate someone else etc Do you get the idea? Any of these ring true for you?

If you feel stuck, upset, withdrawn or fed up with ANY area of life, but especially around money, health, love, relationships or keeping your word a DISCOVERY CALL is the first step to creating breakthroughs.

What’s the call all about?

  • We arrange to meet either in person or on video.
  • The cost is £150 at the discounted price – you will get a £50 voucher towards further breakthrough consultations or £50 returned to you as Due to the booking system you will be charged £200 and then the voucher is valid for a further 4 months.
  • Allow about 90 minutes for the consultation
  • We will discuss your desires and wishes, plus your concerns and will “dive deep” so that Gayle can understand exactly how to best help you from the pantheon of techniques that are available to her.

Are you ready to fly and thrive?
Join Gayle on your journey of discovery towards your next breakthrough and miraculous life.

Don’t forget – its only the first 7 bookers for a call who get the £50 discount. 

As an aside – have you ever wondered how The Queen has done such an extraordinary job over 70 years? By having the right mindset, and advisers to help her! (and be willing to work hard in service to others)
Having an experienced coach is a game changer!

With your highest good at heart,
Gayle Palmer D.O.

Master NLP Practitioner, Time Line Therapy® practitioner, Hypnotherapist
Registered Osteopath

© Gayle Palmer D.O. May 2022

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