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It is wonderful that the restrictions are finally easing – folks will be able to see family, go more places and have a more acceptable life.

My warning though is that life will NOT return to “normal”.

Here at the clinic ALL the existing procedures will remain in place.

Our viral friend is not going anywhere fast, nor will it.
The viral rates on all measures are increasing rapidly.
Don’t be reckless with your health, even with the restrictions easing.

Health is NOT an accident.

Be aware of what you touch, who is around you and their behaviour. If your intuition speaks to you – believe it and take the appropriate action. That part of your brain is far older and wiser and constantly on the lookout for danger that you will know.

My Reasons for continuing the infections controls with no change:
1. However many jabs, or not, that you have had, does NOT mean that you won’t contract Covid-19. It should reduce the severity of the illness though, but there are still no guarantees. The vaccines are experimental.
2. You can be Covid positive, with no demonstrable symptoms.
3. The various tests are often unreliable.
4. Its not that much of a hardship for half an hour – given that I know you have managed perfectly well so far – well done by the way.

Actions to take:
Complete the online screening form on the email that you will receive once you have made an appointment. Takes less that 2 mins.

Bring and wear your face covering, preferably a medical one vs scrap of cotton!

Bring 2x LARGE towels – for the plinth top / as a cover to preserve your modesty / keep you warm.

WASH YOUR HANDS on arrival.

Simple really isn’t it? If in doubt – give me a call directly please – 01243 641665.

We have all come a long way through this, at considerable inconvenience for all…let’s keep it real and be sensible – and not lose the hard won gains.

I look forward to serving you to the best of my ability with outstanding Osteopathy to help you attain the best health possible. Thank you for your continued support.

To make an appointment please use THIS LINK to book online.

Gayle Palmer and Echo the receptionist

Your Health IS my Priority.

Gayle and Echo, the poodle


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