Here are just 30+ ways we try to make a difference at the Living Elements Clinic –

  1. We now HAVE a renewable source of energy to heat the clinic and for hot water. Air source is our chosen option for these reasons: There are no sources of locally-grown wood pellets in sufficient quantity in Southern England (most of it comes from Scotland!) which makes it expensive to transport. The clinic is on clay – not good for ground-source heat dispersal without adding huge amounts of gravel to the trenches around the pipes. Solar panels are great but we need our main heat for the underfloor heating early in the morning, before the sun has risen, not by midday, and we have little hot water requirements. So – watch this space – its here! It should mean that we save a lot on the cost of oil AND save our CO2 footprint too! Hurray!!
  2. We have installed a bank of photovoltaic (PV) cells on the roof of the clinic to the rear. This will not only produce most of our daily electricity but will also provide an income over the next 25 years! 
  3. We use glasses for water rather than disposable cups that can be washed and re-used.
  4. We use filtered and magnetised water in a jug rather than an expensive water cooler – this is better for you than icy water and energises both the water and YOU!
  5. All glasses and crockery are washed in the dishwasher only when there is a complete load on the economy setting.
  6. Towel washing temperature is set as low as possible (usually 40 degrees) and only used with a full wash. No coloured fabrics are used as this would mean a mixed wash is required.
  7. We use recycled printer cartridges for all our printing needs. This saves a lot of landfill, wastage, cost and is supplied by a local company.
  8. The underfloor heating, when it is on, acts as a big heat sink, thereby saving fuel on heating and keeping a much more ambient temperature all the time – for your comfort.
  9. In all the toilet cisterns there are special bags that reduce the tank size, thereby saving water and money. They are cheap to obtain, even free, if you ask your local water company!
  10. Toilet paper is good quality, recycled paper.
  11. We try to use only bio-degradable washing solutions and disinfectants where possible, whilst ensuring high quality and safety in the clinic. These are LDC and Super 10, both made by GNLD and stocked in the clinic.
  12. All rainwater from the roof goes into sinkholes and the groundwater supplies and not returned to the main drainage. Some is used for plant watering.
  13. The clinic is super-insulated – walls, ceilings, floors and roof to reduce heat loss/gain.
  14. We re-use stationary paper-clips, elastic bands (from the postman) and even envelopes sometimes. Packing boxes are either recycled or used to start the bonfire!
  15. All paper, plastic, glass waste is recycled.
  16. Any green waste is composted – it increases the composting or the potash produced from the bonfire that is then used on the garden to improve the heavy clay soil, increase fruit and vegetable yields and as a top dressing to keep weeds at bay, mulch the surface and reduce the water requirements of the garden.
  17. We have sponsored the Chichester District Green Business Awards in the past to encourage businesses to act and use our resources responsibly.
  18. We encourage our patients to give us their email addresses as any promotions etc can be notified electronically vs by snail mail – its immediate, clear, concise, saves time and effort and money and doesn’t end up being recycled again! You can even forward it on to a friend in need. So sign up now  …and gain by knowing what health offers are taking place NOW; learn some health tips and other health information to keep you feeling 100%!
  19. We promote various companies for their low environmental impact and the health benefits of NOT introducing poisons into our patients’ bodies! Try them – they are great value for money too! These include GNLD.
  20. I have changed the car from a 4×4 to an estate diesel that can use bio-diesel fuel and has lower emissions. (It’s also cheaper to run!)
  21. I use bio-diesel fuel from time to time to fill up the car – its local – a Sidlesham supplier, cheaper and cleaner.
  22. Following building the clinic we also re-cycled spare building materials that were left over – to other builders, the plumber etc and for other building projects.
  23. When buying goods for the clinic we use recyclable and re-usable carrier bags.
  24. We have planted several trees and have more to go! Some are fruiting trees, others are decorative.
  25. We have re-instated a pond and have another 2 to create, hopefully with the help of some of the children from the school.
  26. We have planted a yew hedge – they are easy to keep looking neat and tidy and the cuttings can be re-used to make anti-cancer medication. In the fullness of time it will also be topiarised – it has already started.
  27. I grow fruit and vegetables on site eg lettuce, tomatoes, potatoes, rocket, beetroot, onions, garlic, Bramley apples, rhubarb, parsley, spinach, swiss chard, cherries, pears, cabbage, basil, mint, chives, rosemary, thyme, bay, black and red currants, bittercress, Cape Gooseberries (Physalis), peppers, chillis, etc! I hope to expand this to include celeriac, raspberries, more strawberries, carrots, leeks, watercress and landcress too. Also comfrey to use as a green manure and fertilizer.
  28. We use only long-life energy saving bulbs to light the parking area of the clinic which saves both energy and money and elsewhere, when we can.
  29. Spare food produce is sold to our customers – for example in the Autumn of 2008, we sold 60kg of organic Bramley apples and the proceeds went to charity. We raised about £45! In 2009 we hope to sell excess lettuces and tomatoes and maybe more!
  30. We try to ensure that our suppliers have sound environmental policies in place. Whether that is the packaging, the sources of their ingredients etc. We also try to use as many as organic and re-cyclable suppliers as we can eg Green People beauty products.
  31. We use the local freecycle scheme to exchange things that we don’t want for things that we do! Its a simple offer and wanted system for locals and run by locals.
  32. We recycle all our used stamps, currently they go to the RSPB “Save the Albatross Appeal”. Bring yours in too and we can save on postage by sending more in bulk! There is an envelope in the reception area.
  33. I started the “Sidlesham Litter Pickers” group in the village – see You are welcome to join us..

So – now you know some of the things that we do…. what can you do for the environment? It’s not as hard as you think!

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