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Spring cleaning – especially when done around the New and Full Moons – as the energy changes are great for cleansing yourself emotionally, mentally and physically.

Its currently Spring but come Sat 30th April 2022 it is Summer as the New Moon turns and this is called Beltane in the Earth calendar.

Beltane is characterised by celebrations as the half way point between the Soltices (Winter and Summer) and heralds the transition from Spring to Summer.

Beltane celebrations are often fire related (and of course dancing and feasting!).

With the New Moon also – which are great for letting go of old emotions, ideas, stuff etc – a useful practice is to light a fire and write on pieces of paper things that you wish to let go of eg eating chocolate / resentment for someone etc You then throw the paper into the fire for it to be consumed. 🙂

BUT – be very careful what you wish for – watch out for double meanings / consequences – as they may come true as well…!

Spring Cleaning the house / garden / stuff!

As the energies change a thorough clean up and sort out helps the transition. From my osteopathic perspective – please be careful when moving furniture / bending over awkward or heavy objects etc! Also keep hydrated! All that huffin’ and puffin’ dries you out!

I shall be having a fire outside in the evening myself, possibly with some friends. Even if you cannot do this just take a few minutes to consider your life, and what you want (set an intention) and get clear about what you want to let go.. be specific and get clear for yourself.

One of the more recent skills I have learnt and continue to develop is NLP – Neuro Linguistic Programming – which could help you to increase the power to resolve and reduce unwanted emotions and your mindset – especially your unconscious mind. Change technology can make a huge difference and is remarkable.

Anger, sadness, fear and grief, and other negative emotions can overwhelm you – vs be a passing phase. If these are holding you back , in any area of your life, then get in touch and see where we go next for you. Gayle leads discovery calls to not only help get clarity to where you may be stuck or where things are not working, or not working as well as you want it to – but also discover what areas she can create breakthroughs in.

This time of year can bring up new emotions or old stories that you want to leave behind – but you may require some help in this, with no judgment. If this sounds like you – please, get in touch. No shame.

Put in the comments of you have found this post useful please. Also, the booking link for a Discovery Call is below.

All that remains is for me to say is – Happy Beltane!

© Gayle Palmer Living Elements Clinic 2022

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