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Oooh! Can you feel the change in the energy?

We have just past into the Spring as the Spring Equinox has arrived.

You should be able to feel the huge uplift in energy after the Worm Moon (full moon that’s closest to the Spring Equinox) and the new, burgeoning energies that growth brings with it.

As the growth rate and warmth from the sun increases and the days lengthen your body changes as well.

Gone is the hibernatory / sluggish nature of our bodies during the winter. Now we have the developing and increasing energies of Spring.

  • Our hair and nails grow faster.
  • We often WANT to be more active – especially outside. (Note: the sudden need to garden without stretching out first!)
  • Our metabolism speeds up
  • Our minds and thoughts often lighten and become more expansive (think holidays)
  • Children have huge growth spurts at this time – new shoes and clothes are needed in quick succession!

This is also a perfect time for Gayle to help your body adapt to the changes and have an Osteopathic MOT.

It is well named – as she literally works her way through the body – clearing, stretching, fine-tuning (or just finding ANY balance and harmony if your service is long overdue!) and balancing your muscles, joints, hormones, gut function and nervous system – and a lot more besides.

Think about how you use your body differently between the seasons –

Winter – stay by the fireside, keep on eating (often heavier, comfort foods!), wrap up well to stay warm, family time, hibernate – often you see fewer people.

Spring – get up and out energy! Move! – lots of active tasks – in the garden / wash the car / take more exercise; meet more people. Eat more greens and salads, eat lighter foods. Emotionally feel more energised and happy, more conversations.

All this change requires your hormones and nervous system to work quite differently.

This is especially important for children as their main growth spurts happen at this time of year – and along with emotional and mental growth spurts they can feel pretty ragged quite easily – which means their behaviour can deteriorate.

Your increasing physical activity mean stiff joints and muscles need to move and alter the way that they are used to operating Рoften this causes more aches and pains too.

All these changes can be helped with Osteopathy.

Don’t wait until you begin to struggle (and then ignore it for a few weeks) for a while before making an appointment. That self-sabotage is silly!

Make an appointment with Gayle Palmer TODAY and make the most of this increasing Northern Hemisphere energy. We have been stuck inside for too long for optimum health. Seize the day!

Not sure if Gayle can help? You can have a short free, mini-consultation which you can book online to assess your needs.

© Gayle Palmer D.O. Living Elements Clinic

YOUR health IS my Priority! Place your healing in my hands.

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