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It’s the time of year when I feel most sympathetic towards children…

  • Growth Spurts

  • Exams and end of term tests

  • Hayfever and allergies

  • Life!

If your children are struggling as the Spring energies result in massive growth spurts and other mental, hormonal and emotional developmental changes all at the same time – it can be really tough.

Added to that school pressures, social pressures and tree / grass pollens for those who are especially sensitive, and its a perfect storm!

Osteopathy has a big role to play at this time to help the body, hormones, blood supplies balance out better, and to stay in alignment.

Plus, 1-2-1 talking with the young person (sometimes with the parents out of ear shot if that helps) can make a big difference to how they¬† process what is happening to them. Being listened to can be a “big deal” I have been told – and it is a skill that takes a lot of practice to get it right.

For those who are sceptics – (good – I like a questioning mind!) – of course! Growth spurts slow down of their own accord – but that DOES NOT mean that the body is in alignment or balanced, just that the extremes reduce.

Please, bring your young person in for a detailed osteopathic check up with Gayle Palmer. to make an appointment.

Place your healing in my hands, Your health is my priority.

Gayle Palmer D.O.

Registered Osteopath at the Living Elements Clinic, Sidlesham

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