It is all over the news – just how bad sugar is for you… but why is that?

Gayle Palmer D.O. Osteopath explains more about the unhealthy effects it can have on your body mechanisms and how you can help yourself to better health. Plus, how can you spot its hiding places in foods? All this in Diabetes Week.


Transcript of the video:

Hi. Today I wanted to talk to you about something I was quite shocked about, in fact. I went into one of my local superstores today. I bought a pack of five raspberry jam doughnuts. Nothing too unusual in that – l think they were about 75 pence, something like that – and I was getting them to share with some friends.

When I opened up the pack though, I was shocked to find how much sugar was actually coating the doughnuts. There was at least 15 teaspoons over five doughnuts. So that’s three teaspoons each, just on the outside coating. What most people do not realize though, is that ALL you need to stay alive is just one teaspoon of “sugar” a day. One, just one! And that’s irrespective of the raspberry jam inside or the sugar that goes into the doughnut batter itself.

Those doughnuts were three days amount of calories for an adult!! Quite ridiculous, quite ridiculous!!

I could not believe it. So I took them home, I scraped off as much sugar as I possibly could and measured this out.

I do not know what they were (the shop) thinking, but I have to say I rang up customer services and complained because that is ridiculous. You know, that could send someone into a diabetic crisis, it automatically causes also some problems for children because they sugar levels spike and then sugar crash, and then sugar spike, and sugar crash, and leads to much more sugar sensitivity which can lead to diabetes later in life.

In addition sugar causes cancer, which is a killer. It is a poison and I am saying that because all of the studies that have been done had proven that having lots of sugar in your diet massively increases your likelihood to cancer, in any form. It does not matter whether it is a lung cancer which you would normally associate with risk factors like smoking or bone cancer, or gut cancer or throat cancer whatever.

Sugar increases to likelihood of the cancer growing and developing and overwhelming your own body’s resources.

So, before you go and buy a pack of doughnuts or some other sugary, sweet snacks, have them look at how much sugar is in the pack, okay? I know that the food marketing industry is amazing at hiding sugar, okay? There is large amounts of sugar lots of our basic foods such as things like tomato soup, tomato ketchup, and baked beans which are loaded with sugar and it does not necessarily taste sweet to our palate.

So, you need to get much better informed and that will keep you healthier, happier and mentally much more alert and well, as well, because you are not sugar spiking with your glucose levels in your blood and disrupting the whole of your body chemistry.

So that is all I am going to say about food today.

That’s Gayle Palmer, signing off from the Living Elements Clinic where Your health is my priority.

Sugar is Poison!






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It is Diabetes Week from the 10th-16th June – so maybe this has helped you #seeDiabetesdifferently?

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