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We take our body and the support it gives us (against gravity) for granted very often – but the same can be said for the many other forms of support which we experience every day.

If you are independent and self-sufficient it can be easy to forget just how many other people you react to, talk to, rely on each and every day – even if you NEVER meet them!

The milkman if you have a doorstep delivery; the man who replaces the electricity wires on the poles; the fruit picker in a hot African field and your elderly neighbour who is not well enough to be able to get out at all.

I know that I take for granted that certain things are done and available… its a given.

Sadly this is also how many view their bodies too!

Just because our bodies are self-healing and largely uncomplaining – we forget that they enable us to be who we are.

  • Those injuries, many decades ago, that have been compensated for, but poorly.
  • An unkind word or look – can mean you don’t speak to… “men / tall people / someone who reminds you of the school bully / ???” fill in the rest from your experience.
  • Sitting awkwardly at a computer for hours a day because its in a tight space? – so you walk with a twist when you get up!

Ever wondered what lies underneath your skin? Well that’s good! Learning this and how to look after and maintain yourself better is the only way forward. Imagine if your support structures were really strong and robust – how much confidence and security it would bring you…

Not only is it important to support your own friends, family, neighbors during this time – but YOURSELF too!

Keeping your body in good condition. Drinking plenty of water daily, taking exercise, getting fresh air, interacting with others and having regular services – like a car service.

This is MY JOB as an Osteopath! An Osteopathic “MOT” can re-align you; re-balance your body and mind; discover a-symptomatic problems which you are unaware of.

e.g. a short leg can present with foot or knee pain as these joints try to compensate, or achy bum muscles or extra fatigue after a long walk… but so often we just give an excuse and forget about it.

Being kind to oneself pays big dividends – you can give more to others too.

Make this your maxim for life – you will get so much more out of it that way.

You can book in for a check up and service using THIS ONLINE BOOKING LINK or

BUY A GIFT VOUCHER for a friend / family member.

Investing in yourself and your health is the single most important thing to do each day! #OsteopathyWorks

Your Health IS my priority!

Place your healing in my hands,

© Gayle Palmer Living Elements Clinic

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