Exams cause stress for everyone, even if you seem calm! For teenagers though it can be worse as they deal with changing hormones etc too.

Osteopathy works to even out the hormones, help the concentration and improve the blood supplies to those all important brain cells in a safe, supportive and confidential environment.

If you are

  • feeling anxious,
  • have butterflies in your stomach,
  • freaked out by revision or the possible results
  • feel numbed at the thought of tests and exams and
  • have brain freeze, or just
  • feel overloaded by all the information?

then Gayle Palmer, the Osteopath, may be able to help. 🙂

Using a wide range of techniques to reduce the bodies physical tightness – often brought on from dehydration, long hours in one position studying, increased tightness from anxiety and not getting enough exercise and physical release options – Osteopathy can make a BIG DIFFERENCE quickly.

If you are physically tight, you will naturally change your breathing mechanisms as well – to be ready for the flight or fight responses. BUT, with written / verbal exams, this natural response is not appropriate! The danger is perceived vs real. No sabre-toothed tiger lying in wait here! Running away won’t help!

By skillfully using her hands alone, Gayle can tease out the tensions and re-teach your body what the “normal” level of tension may be.

Also, with 30 years of experience treating teenagers and children of all ages, Gayle not only allows your concerns to be heard but we find new solutions, ways of thinking and understanding that can help you to manage the anxiety much better.

For instance – if your brain freezes up as soon as you are in the exam room – you won’t read and properly understand the questions – so might answer a different question eg a How many..? vs a What..? It may be the right answer, just not the one they are looking for.

By learning techniques you can put into place – you can save yourself time, worry and get a better result – which can lead to more options for what YOU want to do in life, even if you don’t know right now!

Gayle also will coach and counsel you, if necessary – to open up better beliefs or ways of managing your MIND and your body – so you can feel in control vs just panic!

Sometimes Gayle will also recommend specific supplements and remedies to help your body and mind work to their optimum. These can help mental acuity and concentration, support your immune system and adrenals (which deal with a lot of the stress loading) etc.

Each student is individual – and each treatment is tailor-made for them at that moment. No two consultations are ever the same – they are unique for YOU.

If this sounds helpful, or you want to investigate further – you can either make a full appointment or speak to Gayle in person for free for 10 minutes and then decide. No pressure either way. 😉

Here is the way to book an appointment online:

I look forward to working with you so you can attain the best results for you.

Your Health IS MY Priority!

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Gayle Palmer

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