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Yoga and Pilates both use certain poses (or asanas in Hindu) to bring about certain changes. One of the most common ones – Child Pose – you will be familiar with…all children do this! Hence the name.

It is one of the easiest poses to get into – kneel down on all fours with your knees hip width apart and your hands shoulder width apart. Gently take your weight backwards, over your hips and lower yourself towards the floor – allowing your arms to stretch forward. Let the fingers spread out and the neck relax.

NB If this is difficult for you due to arthritic or especially stiff knees or hips – just go as far as is comfortable but try to lower your shoulders anyway. Do NOT force anything.

The aim is to stretch your spine into some extension / lengthening, shoulders, hips and bend the knees – all of which we do not practice enough of!

The aim is to then, once in the position to use your breath to increase the stretch and sense of relaxation. You should hold the pose for at least 4 minutes (if your knees can cope) and longer if you wish.

It is often followed up by a curled up position with the arms tucked into your side towards your hips and your back rounded. Breath slowly and deeply as you do this and hold for at least 2 minutes (knees, hips and ankles allowing).

  • Stretching: Child’s pose gently stretches your spine, thighs, hips, and ankles.
  • Relaxation: Along with deep breathing exercises, child’s pose can calm your mind, reducing anxiety and fatigue.
  • Blood circulation: Child’s pose can increase blood circulation to your head.
  • Digestion: The light compression on your stomach in this pose can activate digestion.
  • Tension relief: Child’s pose can release tension in your lower back muscles, chest, hamstrings, and shoulders.

Other benefits include back pain and hip pain relief, spinal stretch and decompression, easier respiration and a feeling of wellbeing.

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