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Tips to help prevent or reduce the risk of breast cancer

We can all take some actions to reduce the risk of getting breast cancer - for both women AND men.

Many are easy to put into action and feel proactive too.


  1. Limit the consumption of alcohol to just one unit per day
  2. Optimise your body weight and take regular exercise each day (20 mins minimum)
  3. Minimise the amount of red meat, processed meat and animal fats and sugar / sweets that you have. This means reduce or stop altogether. There ARE alternatives but they take a bit more thought and planning initially. 
  4. Expose your skin to natural sunlight for 20 minutes each day. Face and hands is enough.
  5. Increase the amount of fresh vegetables (esp green, leafy ones), fruit, olive oil and onions / garlic you have each day. Particularly try to increase the amount of red fruits and berries - eg pomegranat, cherries and red berries as they have anti-breat cancer properties Aim for 10 fruit and veg each day. This could be achieved in smoothies, even soups and tomato ketchup!
  6. Take a high quality fish oil supplement daily as this has been found to reduce the incidemnce of breast cancer and inflammation through the body generally. (Gayle recommends Omega-3 Salmon Oil Plus by GNLD as it contains NO contaminants and ALL 8 of the Omega-3 oils Buy yours online directly from the clinic HERE)
  7.  Ditch the underwired bra! (See this post for more details) Compression around the veins and lymph vessels which drain the breast tissue causes backup which can increase the liklihood of cancer. There are great NON-underwired options for all sizes and levels of support now available (and they are MORE COMFORTABLE!)


  • Take Vitamin D3 1,000iu daily or 10,000iu weekly.
  • Take 3g of Omega-3 oils daily.
Curcumin (Turmeric)
Live bacteria (live yoghurt)
Genistein (soyabean)
Cruciferous vegetables for the sulphorane, Indol-3 carbinol and thyocyanate which all stop cancer development. So broccali, kale, cabbage, brussel sprouts. Not cauliflower as although its one of this family, with no colour to it these chemicals aren't in it.)
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