How often have you thought about getting the best crockery or cutlery out – and then didn’t!

What had you keep it in the cupboard? Interesting question, huh?

This is such a challenging mindset for many – and right now, with the world being very different to “normal” – you could reassess whether this decision from the past makes sense to continue with.

MANY of our decisions are actually not ours… they were ingrained into us by our parents, our teachers and our peers. We have kept these decisions – and they are ALL PAST-BASED.

So – my question to you is to enquire into “Why not use the best crockery?”

How much joy could getting out, cleaning and using the best crockery and cutlery bring you?

How many memories do you recall from when you have used or seen it in the past?

How many people have enjoyed it and how many special meals and get-togethers does it remind you of?

Do they bring you happiness and joy, or do they make you feel guilty and sad? I bet its the former!

Do yourself a favour – USE the best crockery!

If you have enjoyed this – please comment below and share with a friend who may be having a ┬áhard time right now… Thanks.

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