Knee injuries are not uncommon, especially in children – as they are active. This young client had a fall – net result – his knee went a bit sideways.

Gayle Palmer D.O., Osteopath demonstrates how to realign it so that normal function can resume.

Here is the “Flamingo Technique” in action! Gayle gets to stand on one foot to do this – always a fun balancing act!

The Flamingo Technique to re-align partially displaced knees.

The "Flamingo Technique" to help a young clients knee.Works a treat too! Beautifully aligned with no drama.#OsteopathyWorks #LivingElementsClinic #GaylePalmer

Posted by Living Elements Clinic on Wednesday, 5 June 2019

In short what happens is the tibial plateau (the bone under the knee joint) gets shifted usually to the outside – and then the knee ligaments gets strained and hot and achy.

By realigning the joint, normal function can return and the symptoms miraculously disappear!

So that is all about doing “The Flamingo”!

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